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Liberal Tolerance

This whole Chick-fil-A nonsense is jut that, nonsense. So the CEO is a religious man to the point his restaurants are not open on Sundays, and that’s fine. He also happened to have made a statement saying he didn’t believe in gay marriage…and that brought the wrath of many liberals. First their vocal disagreement with him was expressed, fine, people have the freedom of speech.
But that wasn’t good enough, the liberals were so pissed someone vocally expressed a differing view, that Boston and Chicago, and I imagine others, wanted to ban permits on opening up anymore Chick-fil-A in their cities. Well, that wasn’t enough for many liberals, wanting to boycott them was the next idea. Was there some case of hiring discrimination of gays? Did they refuse to serve gays? Both of these actions were based solely on a persons opinion that countered theirs.

Let’s break it down. A permit ban is a government entity taking action against a company because of a personal opinion. In a sense this is restricting the companies potential revenues in that city, or as I see it economic warfare. As soon as the government starts down that road, where does it end? What would you think if you wanted to build a house and you were denied a building permit because the city found out you disagreed with gay marriage.

Boycotts, a lot of people seem to like them, I don’t happen to be one of those people. But I’ve heard several people talk about wanting to boycott Chick-fil-A. This is what I see, more economic warfare. As I see it a boycott is an attempt by a collective group of people saying they won’t patronize a business or buy a product, they have that right. But let’s not sugarcoat it, it is an attempt to get a person to acquiesce and say they are sorry, change their stance or belief…if they don’t, then they will lose potential revenue. Hence economic warfare. If you as a person don’t like the CEO’s opinion, then don’t eat there, because if he was a vocal anti 1st or 2nd amendment person, then I wouldn’t eat there.

It cracks me up when liberals try to convince people they are the tolerant ones, and conservatives are intolerant. This Chick-fil-A situation is proof, which I have always known, that liberals can be just as intolerant as anyone…if not more. Liberals are only open minded and tolerant if you agree with them, if you don’t, watch out, because they will come after you relentlessly and try to shut you up, or shut you down.

I’m not a religious man, and I could care less what gay people do in their personal lives. But in this instance I’m standing with Chick-fil-A, because their CEO is entitled to his opinion. Now to see if there is one close by where I live.

Sgt. Hug

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Just Ban Them

The mass shooting at the Colorado movie theater is absolutely horrible. There is no other way to look at it.

I’m not going to even make any guesses why this guy did what he did, at this point no one knows but him.

The first thing that always happens though, people on the left, and maybe some on the right, immediately start talking gun control. I’ve heard people talk “no automatic weapons”, well, they weren’t auto, they were semi auto, the comeback was “there shouldn’t be semi either”. That my friends is a way of saying all guns should be taken away, or no longer be sold…except maybe flintlock or single action pistols.

Tighter gun restrictions won’t do anything but prevent law abiding citizens from exercising their 2nd amendment right. What if the guy had walked behind the last row with a straight razor and started slicing throats, he could have killed a half dozen before he was stopped. What if he had walked into an ice cream shop with an ax and started hacking people up, probably would have been able to kill several. How about all of the murders committed by stabbing? Are we to ban or restrict everything that could be used to kill a person…or a half a dozen at one time? No. There are crazies out there, and where there’s a will there’s a way. This maniac in Colorado just happened to load up with guns and bullets.

Anyway, I’ll be curious to see the forthcoming information about this guy, because by initial reports he only has a speeding ticket on his record, and is really freaking intelligent (education wise). Wait, sort of like Ted Bundy, who killed a LOT of women…though without a gun.

Sgt. Hug


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Bully Me? My A$@!

I have not seen the movie “Bully”, but I have lived it and have something to say about the overall topic.

First, one of the stories was about an 11 year old who committed suicide because the level of bullying he was receiving was so bad the he couldn’t take it any more. This is heinous and tragic, the fact that it was not noticed and addressed by school officials, parents, or for that matter another student, is also heinous. In no way should a kid feel like the only way out is to kill themselves.

In 1977, when I was 12, my family moved from upstate New York to South Dakota. I was a skinny kid and didn’t know anyone. The geeky kids (I too was geeky) befriended me, and I them. Now being a geeky skinny new kid made me a target for the tough kid bullies to pick on, and they did. Naturally I did not tell any teachers or my parents about it, instead I tried to make myself invisible, but that didn’t work. Finally I said something to my mother and she said this simple thing, “If someone hits you, you hit them back…harder”. Not being a fighter made that a potentially big move, but one that I would eventually try. The next few times the bullies came at me I fought back…and yes, I was beaten up a few times. The thing about it is, they eventually stopped because I was no longer an easy target…I became a target that would fight back, and that took all of the fun out of it for them.

Parents need to be involved with their kids school life, ask the how their day is every day, look for signs of something not quite right. If the kid has friends, ask them, if no friends ask the teachers. The teachers, hall monitors, other kids…somebody has seen the bullying. The teachers should be aware of the signs of bullying in their students, and they should not be afraid of addressing the situation.

Bullying is not some new thing that suddenly needs to be tackled, it was alive and well 35 years ago for me, and long before that in general. Appeasement does not stop it, hiding does not stop it, trying to ignore it does not work. Telling parents and school officials is the first approach, maybe they can intervene and end the problem. Then again maybe that will only piss off the bully, making them think retribution. However, the effort must be made.

Ultimately what will deter a bully is if one day when he walks up and pushes a kid, knocks his books on the floor, tries to take their lunch money…and the bullied kid suddenly turns and starts to pummel the bully. The bullied kid may take a few lumps in the process, but so will the bully…and chances are the bully will eventually move on. Bullies like to talk a big game and intimidate, but most of them don’t want to actually have to fight, and get hit.

A kid needs to approach bullying the same as a nation approaches hostile nations. Appeasement does not deter the tough kid on the block…the tough kid thinking he may get a bloody nose as a result of his actions does.

Sgt. Hug


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Just Drug Them *Updated **Updated Again***Updated Yet Again

***The newest one is mothers being exposed to “particulate air pollution”. I’m not saying autism doesn’t exist, but I’m telling you they are throwing around diagnosis on kids like they are throwing PTSD at every person who served in a time of war (drone pilots with it, yeah right). They are trying to make stuff up. If it can’t be diagnosed with physical testing, as in urine, blood, cells, etc…then they are diagnosing it in the form of a shrink, and that sure isn’t science, it’s witchcraft.

**I just read now they are saying environmental pollution is linked to autism. Sounds like an attempt by the environmentalist whackos to play on heart strings in order to push their agenda. What I really think…they are making this up as they go…including the autism stats.

*I just read there is a new study that may link obesity during pregnancy to autism. At what point will people with nothing else to do, stop digging in their asses for non-existent BS.

You hear that word thrown around a lot, yet very little is actually known about the source of the disease. I remember Michael Savage took a beating because he was talking about it and he commented “drop the act”, as if it weren’t a real disease, but an actual act. Here are some basic stats tossed around.

In the world, 1-2 kids out of 1,000 have autism. In the U.S. it is 11.3 per 1,000. I find it amazing how the most politically and financially successful country in the world has the highest rates. Then again, maybe we are headed torwards a world like the movie “Idiocracy”.

It increased dramatically in the 1980’s…beofore massive cell phone use

In the last five years there has been a 79% increase…can’t be from vaccinations, I was getting them in the 60’s and 70’s.

They say genetics and environment can be contributors. Well the recent explosion can’t be too genetic because there wasn’t that much of it back when current parents were born. The environment is not specified, is it weather, TV consumption, being poor? What?

There is a higher rate of Autism than, get this, AIDS, cancer, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, and downs syndrome…COMBINED!

Most recently I heard that there is a potential tie to kids with older parents (dad). The kids with the older parents are more likely to get it. I don’t know how this matches up with the 79% increase in the past five years, are there suddenly people in their 40’s cranking out kids?

Here is the best part though. 1 in 88 kids get it. 1 in 252 girls get it…and 1 in 54 boys get it. So how does it work out that something they are not even sure of how it is passed along, contracted, developed, is so much more prevalent in boys? I think it is this, which plays into Michael Savage somewhat, it is way over diagnosed and in a lot of cases they do need to drop the act. Maybe some better parenting would help. I mean seriously, when I was a kid boys ran around playing tag, racing bikes, climbing trees and pulling girls pigtails. What were girls doing at the same time, playing house and huddling together on the playground and hanging together…staying away from us rambunctious boys.

I think part of what drives these stats of so many boys getting it is this, by and large, boys grow up and run business, we are the predominate participants in politics…and we start and fight wars! All of these things are looked upon with disdain by the liberal crowd (who dominate the media and education)…who seem to hate business, hate the boys club, and hate war (so do I, but if it comes to war, you better be ready for it).

So, if this huge amount of boys develop autism, we can dope the boy out of the boy, in turn the boy doesn’t developed the normal way a boy does, and in turn not the way a man does. It’s funny, we have the same disproportionate rates in boys with ADD and ADHD, a couple more reasons to drug boys out of their youth and beyond.

I’m not saying autism doesn’t exist, but it surely has to be over diagnosed. It is also a convenient way to take bad parenting off your shoulders.

Sgt. Hug

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