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John Wayne Roberts

For those of you who know about John Wayne Bobbitt, he had a bit of his anatomy removed by his wife…well John Roberts just did the same to the country.  So, I’ve thought about this for a little while now, I know it’s a becoming a dead horse, but who cares.  I’m not going to look up any fancy articles or previous judicial judgments, I’m going from the gut.  It is my take on the Justice Roberts decision.

There has been numerous takes, such as he was playing chess while the rest of the country was playing checkers.  There was another about how he was looking out for the image of the court…or worse, his own image.

I don’t care what his reasoning was, his decision was bunk.  The president said vehemently it was not a tax, it was argued under the commerce clause, yet Justice Roberts rewrote the case in his decision, calling it a tax.  So let’s pretend Roberts actually had a master plan thinking it would make it more difficult to run something of this sort down our throats again, in the aspect if it were sold as a tax it would be that much tougher to pass.  Well, he wasn’t judging future cases, he was judging Obamacare.  Thinking things would be tougher down the road makes no sense, nothing has been as bad as Obamacare in our countries history…1/5 (a number I’ve heard tossed around a lot) of the economy was handed to the federal government.  By siding with the four liberal judges, he locked in Obamacare, and the disaster that will come along with it.

Let’s say he did it because he didn’t want it to look like a court where the conservatives always side with conservatives, or vice versa.  More bunk.  He isn’t there to make himself or the court look good, he is there to make the correct decision based on the constitution, regardless of what people think, and making people pay a tax for existing is nowhere in the constitution.  One minute the liberals are calling him a right-wing hack, the next they are praising him.  Thing is, NO one saw this coming from him, Kennedy was supposed the be the swing vote, and he was one of the ones most against it.

Another angle was by him voting for it, would make conservatives rally together to defeat Obummer in the fall.  Again, not his job.  BO is in big trouble for a myriad of reasons, and Obummer care was one them before Roberts came along.

Look, I’m no mind reader, but I do think this…Roberts made a hideous decision.  He gave the big thumbs up to the largest tax increase in the history of the country, if not world history.  Roberts essentially just said “sure, go ahead and tax everyone in the country for no other reason than they are breathing”.  It feeds into the attitude that is prevailing across the board, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme.  How long can our country actually survive like this?  Let’s just tax everyone for the fast food they eat, for not having a gym membership, for not having a cell phone…eating junk food while watching fitness programs on TV, and not having a cell phone handy to call in your heart attack could all be deemed in the interest of health care costs.

This is the ultimate goal of Obummer, to crash the health care system so that the government can take over entirely.  BO has said out of his own mouth, he wants a single payer system…that single payer being the federal government.

I could go ramble on and on about this, it ties in with all things bad about BO.  Think about it for a while, how has it effected you, and how will it effect you.

Sgt. Hug

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Changed Mind

I’ve changed my mind, I think I’ll vote for Barack Obama, after all, he has accomplished quite a few things. I’ll list some, but will surely forget a few.

1. He was elected president with the highest qualifications, running against the most formidable opponent possible. Oh, wait.

2. He said he was going to close Guantanamo Bay in hist first year, and he did. Oh, wait.

3. He passed a trillion dollar spending bill that fixed our unemployment problem, and kept it below 8%. Oh, wait.

4. He passed a great healthcare law that everyone loves, that increased coverage, lowered costs, and no one is forced to be insured. Oh, wait.

5. The government took over all college loans, and the interest rates are going to stay low. Oh, wait.

6. He took the lead and put the military in action against Libya, and did it with congressional approval when the 100 day mark hit. Oh, wait.

7. He didn’t freeze deep well drilling in the Gulf of Mexico after the BP oil leak. Oh, wait.

8. He has done wonders for our national unity by not pitting segments of the population against each other. Oh, wait.

9. He hated the Iraq war so much that he got us out by winning with a troop surge. Oh, wait.

10. He hated the war in Afghanistan so much he withdrew the troops without a surge. Oh, wait.

11. He hates power and dictatorship so much he has made it a point to enforce all laws passed by congress. Oh, wait.

12. He also hates power and dictatorship so much that he shot down having the future ability to send mass text messages to EVERYONE, in case of an “emergency”. Oh, wait.

13. He has managed to keep the deficit from growing out of control. Oh, wait.

14. He didn’t create a 26 billion dollar bailout for teachers, police and firefighters as a payback for their unions support. Oh, wait.

15. He didn’t take/give 51% control of General Motors to the government and unions. Oh, wait.

16. He spent some good quality time supporting the democrat mayor of Milwaukee (who threw all his weight behind Obama’s campaign) while he was running against Scott Walker in the Wisconsin recall election. Oh, wait.

Anyway, I’m sure there are many more positive things President Obama has accomplished, and given the opportunity of another four years, he would continue to act and lead in the best interest of the country. Oh, wait.

Sgt. Hug


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Walk the Line

Well last night was a huge night in politics, and it took place in Wisconsin.

In 2010 Scott Walker (R) was elected in a normally blue state. He was elected because he said he was going to straighten out the budget, unemployment, and financial woes.

One of the things he did was go against government employer unions. He wanted to make it optional for people join a union, he succeeded, in March of 2011 there were 68,000 public sector union members, in 2012 there are 28,000. That means when given the option, 40,000 people bailed from the unions. One of the other things was he wanted union members to contribute a small amount, about 1% toward their own retirement. This passed also, but not without massive demonstrations, and democratic reps and senators running from the state and hiding, all avoid the vote. Well Scott Walker let them play their games a while, tried to get them to come back, and when they didn’t he stripped revenue items from the bill and they voted without the dems. When this their shenanigans failed, the unions went on a blitz to recall him, and he and the Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch. So it went to the ballot box on Tuesday, June 5, 2012. Guess what, Walker and Kleefisch both won their recalls…the unions and dems failed to oust them.

Governor Walker is a true example of solid leader. He was willing to make the tough calls, clash with the unions (full disclosure…I loathe unions), and take bold steps to improve the lives of Wisconsin residents. I hope the rest of the country is looking at what took place in Wisconsin, and realize the same kind of bold measures and bold leadership are what we need on a national level, as well as in a lot of states.

Congratulations Governor Scott Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch.

Sgt. Hug


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Let’s see BO is unable to run on his record, so what is he doing? He is trying to drive a wedge in the public, here is the list from just since the primary season began.

1. He comes out in support of the Occupy Wall Street gang. Why? Because it plays right into his fiddle of hating the rich and successful. Right into his view that taxpayers should be footing the bill for the poor, or unwilling to work.

2. He says “if I had a son, he would look like Trayvon”. Why? Because he can try to drive a wedge between the races.

3. He makes a phone call to Sandra Fluke to praise her on taking a stand for what she believes in. Why? Because he wants to drive a wedge between the genders, and gain votes for November.

4. He comes out in support of gay marriage. Why? A further wedge, because many conservatives believe in marriage being between a man and a woman. Again to shore up votes.

5. He now has the TSA performing random checks on the highway at truck way stations and bus stations. Why? Because they think trucks are the biggest security threat, not airplanes. Remember when he said we need a civilian security force that’s just as big, just as well-funded as the military? I would say the TSA is in training as that force.

I’m probably missing some example, but those come to mind. I don’t think BO has any intention of trying to fix things, I think he hates this country and is doing everything he can to cause social strife. I mean it was his own words when he said he wanted to “fundamentally change America”. And his hag wife says that BO getting the nomination was the first time in her adult life she was proud of her country. How about his friendship with Bill Ayers? How about his admittedly be drawn to communists in college. This man hates the country, pure and simple, and he will do whatever he can to help with its demise.

Yeah, call me extreme, but I’m a micro-spec compared to the president. He must be defeated in November, because if he wins reelection, you can bet some bad stuff is going to go down when another term isn’t holding him back.

Sgt. Hug

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Declaration of War

Contraception, equal pay, stay at home moms…each instance is purely the democrats attempt at regaining/retaining the vote of women.

Contraception has been covered in the Sandra Fluke scenario, so I won’t hash out the details, other than it was trying to make it look like NO republican men wanted women taking any form of birth control.  No, it was all about convincing women we hate them, and about who should or shouldn’t have to pay for extra curricular, personal physical activities.

Attack stay at home moms.  Brilliant, attack the group of people who are the most keenly aware of how much it costs to raise a family, and the hard work that goes into that task.  I’m a dad with two kids, I work full-time in the evenings, and let me tell you just having two kids running around for half the day is a serious workout.  I can’t imagine Ann Romney and five boys.  Liberals simply hate the idea that a woman would voluntarily stay home with kids and not pursue a workplace career…unless you are Sarah Palin and then they hate you because you were a vice presidential candidate who wouldn’t be at home.

Equal pay taken care of in the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.  I work for a company that employs over 1,000 people, and every hourly employee starts at the same pay, and EARNS incremental increases based on the time they have been employed with the company and their job performance.  All pay raises on my shift of 80 to 120 people are put in for by their immediate supervisor, it then goes across my desk, and finally the desk of the vice president of distribution.  Oh, have I mentioned the raises are figured out by computer programming based on the supervisor entries.  If I had the hankering to adjust down ANY employees pay increase, I am required in writing to justify the decrease to the vice president.  I work for a mid-sized company in the midwest and we have a rather detailed system for reviews and pay increases.  Sure there are exceptions to everything, but there is no doubt in my mind that most companies are diligent in the pay process.

So, in summary us conservative/republican men just hate women so much we have to have a war against them.  This notion is completely insane.  I for one love women, probably too much for my own good sometimes.  If anything you would think some men would be giving better raises to women simply because of beauty, and maybe a smile shot in their direction.  Nope, it’s all about shoring up the female vote in November.  If the liberals can convince women us conservatives are out to run/ruin/destroy every aspect of their lives, the democrats will get their vote in November.

It is an absolute mystery to me how highly intelligent people, or marginally intelligent people for that matter, fall for these sort of amateurish pranks. War against women, what a joke.

Sgt. Hug

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I’ll Take 1%

I’ll preface this as normal, I’m not a big Mitt Romney fan, he is a standard Northeast Republican, a liberal streak runs through him.  Yet again I’ll say this also, if he is the nominee, I’ll support him…bumper sticker, yard sign, etc.  Every year we hear that “this is the most important election ever”, well in this case that is true.  I’ll take a Northeast republican over the dictator wanna be, communist at heart currently putting his feet on the Oval Office desk.

Everyone seems to want to dog Romney out for being rich, for being out of touch because his wife has a couple of Cadillacs (woo hoo, my dad has a Lincoln), and a new mansion in California that has an elevator for his cars.  SO WHAT!   I watched Meet the Press this morning and they actually had a video montage of Romney’s “gaffes” about his money.  Glenn Beck has been so in the tank for Santorum, that even he and his guys were making fun of Romney for his wealth and how he couldn’t relate to normal people.  SO WHAT!  Presidents of all stripes have money, Obama has a 1.4 million dollar house in Chicago…yeah it’s a big city, but 1.4 million is a lot no matter where you are.  The other factor is you have to earn enough money to be able to pay for the darn thing.

All people are doing by ragging on Romney is playing directly into the hands of the type of Occupy Wall Street crowd, who slam the “1%ers”, and are doing their damnedest to draw a dividing line amongst the population, hence class warfare.  I’ll gladly take a guy who is unapologetically rich and wants others to be able to have the same opportunity, over a communist who wants to take as much money from those who earn it, and GIVE it to those who don’t.

Another thing, people talk about having a president they “feel like they could drink a beer with”, no thanks.  I can drink beers with my buddy downstairs.  I also don’t want a president who is some smooth talking guy who can sound good to everyone, tell great jokes…no I want a president who is smarter and more of a bore than me, who is, for a change, all business.

Anyway, our current White House occupier goes on more vacations, spends Christmases in Hawaii, and plays golf at the rate of a rich guy.  Why the heck aren’t people calling attention to that kind of stuff every day.

Yeah, I’ll take Mitt Romney any day over the dictator wanna be, communist at heart who we are currently unfortunate enough to have to call president.

Sgt. Hug


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Not Irreversible

The NY Giants finished the regular season 9 and 7…that is a 56% winning ratio, yet they went on to win the Super Bowl.  A mediocre team was able to pull out the big win out of a ho-hum regular season.

Now to the election in November.  Obama has had a miserable presidency, twice the increase in debt in half of the time that Bush had.  Obamacare that most people don’t like.  Injecting himself into small situations to try to make himself look good.  And the other day he tried to liken himself to Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.  These are just the tip of the iceberg.

The Republicans seem to have put up a bunch of candidates of which it seems, the public aren’t really fans of.  I have spent a lot of time beating up BO for his sorry run as president, which is deserved, but November will be the test on who I beat up on in the future.

I blame the fact we have BO on the media for a complete lack of vetting, that the public didn’t really know what they were getting, and they didn’t.  But the next election I might have to change my mind.  This country is so high on spending, a lot of which goes into the pockets of people who don’t pay federal income taxes.  Subsidies for business that would tank without the help of federal (taxpayer) dollars, such as ethanol and solar (Solyndra).  The list goes on and on.

Next election though, if BO wins the White House again, I will turn my anger to the public.  People in this country have become so used to sucking on the government boob, that it seems like they will elect anyone who continues feeding them.  If BO is reelected that will mean one thing, that the population at large is refusing to give up the boob, even if it means the system will fall apart, as it has in Greece, and how it is going in Italy and Spain.  A lot of people can’t think beyond the day in front of them, and most of the same people don’t pay any attention to society or politics until campaign time.  At that point all they hear are endless talking points, and are clueless to what is actually going on.

Now if a Republican wins, that will send me a message that the population as a whole doesn’t like the path the country is on, and they want to make an effort at fixing it.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not in the tank for all Republicans, Congress under GW were a bunch of drunken spenders, and GW never vetoed anything.  But I would like to think the light speed BO is spending money has really brought the fiscal problems to the front.

Though I am not a real fan of any of the Republican candidates, I will vote for the nominee, if for anything, as a vote against BO.  I just hope the rest of the voters who aren’t fans of the nominees will do the same.  I truly believe if BO gets another four years the country may well be on an irreversible course.

A long story shorter, don’t let BO become the NY Giants (though the Giants had a better record).

Sgt. Hug

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Burn Baby, Burn

So, I’ve come to this conclusion.  Let’s get out of the Middle East permanently, and let them kill each other at will, with no U.S. interference.

The most recent mayhem in Afghanistan, which has now spread to Pakistan, over the destruction of Korans by our military, is completely out of hand.  These idiots will kill and maim anyone who doesn’t believe what they believe.  They will kill Christians and burn their churches to the ground simply because they are Christian…not  Muslim.  They repeatedly attack Jews in Israel, because they aren’t Muslim.  Our military has burned our own bibles entering Afghanistan because the Muslims were concerned we were going to try to proselytize to them.  Yet when we destroy (burned) a handful of Korans because bad guys in lock up were writing messages to each other in them, the Islamic world goes crazy and starts killing because they are offended.  Seems familiar to the insanity they showed after a cartoon of Mohammed with a bomb for turban.

We have been in Afghanistan for over 10 years, shedding the blood of our troops, spending billions of dollars to get rid of bad guys.  What are the thanks?  Four of our guys get thanked by being murdered by Afghan troops because they are mad about the Koran destruction.  What else happens?  Our president and his minions are out there apologizing left and right, thinking that will help calm people down…it hasn’t, not in the slightest.  What else happens?  The Afghanistan president, Hamid Karzai, says there should be public trials of the troops who did the burning, oh, and the chief UN representative says they should be punished.  What hasn’t happened?  I haven’t heard one word expressing any type of apology for the murder of our guys…no, the book is more important.

Let’s see.  We had our embassy overrun and hostages taken by Iran.  Libyans bombed airlines.  We had peace keepers who were blown up in Lebanon.  We’ve had two wars with Iraq.  We are in the longest conflict in our nations history in Afghanistan.  We’ve had ships blown up in ports.  More embassies blown up in Africa.  We had Somalia.  The list goes on and on.  They keep doing bad things to us, yet we keep trying to be nice guys by helping get rid of their bad guys and sending them financial help.  To what?  Lost American blood, that’s it.  They have always hated us, and they will always hate us…we aren’t Muslim, and that’s all the reason they need.

Yeah, over 10 years in and this is what we get.  It’s time to pull ALL of our guys out of there.  Let’s help Israel, they have been screwed over and blamed for everything since they have been around.  After all, our country was founded on Judeo/Christian values.  The bible still has the old testament, which is the Jewish bible.  So yeah, let’s keep the faith with them.

For the rest.  Screw them all.  Let them kill and maim each other to their heart’s delight. But at the same time, we tell them if something bad comes our way, via you…we will come back and turn your country into a sheet of glass.

Sgt. Hug


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Nice Try

So, Mitt Romney is the lead guy right now, lucky us.

Four years ago Mitt lost in the primaries to John McCain, who in turn was trounced by BO. Not only did McCain get trounced, but it was by a guy with zero history, well, a history that wasn’t reported on.

So, four years later Romney is still trying to convince people how conservative he is. Wouldn’t one think that after four years that stage would be long over?

Now, I’m not a huge fan of the others either. Looking at the Republican field makes me wonder “is the best we can do?”

I’ll say this out front, I’ll vote for the nominee, though maybe holding my nose the whole time.

It’s simple, if BO gets reelected after his disastrous, dictator light, presidency, the country will get exactly what it deserves…closer to looking like Greece.

Sgt. Hug

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No Pain, No Gain

OK, I’m not an economist, but I am a thinker. This ridiculous debt “super committee” can’t seem to get out of their own way. Both sides blocking each other, appears no one really wants a deal. So, now we have a “super committee”, which has done one thing so far…taken the best and brightest (insert gagging sounds) from a useless congress and made a super useless committee.

They continue to look at cutting this and cutting that, no one wants their pet projects or favorite programs cut. If they can’t decide on anything they should do this…cut EVERYTHING by 10%. 10% could be cut easily, the wasted spending and unnecessary procurement of our dollars is rampant. Here is a good example, the city of Columbia, MO has received well over 20 million dollars of federal funding to promote “non motorized” transportation…in other words, feet and bicycles. Talk about stupid.

And they keep talking about needing “increased revenue”, well that could come in the form of getting rid of some deductions. How about this, for one tax year NO ONE gets to write off anything, no work clothes, no mortgage, no kids, no charitable contributions (I don’t get this, are you donating for the cause or for the write-off)…nothing.

Along with a permanent 10% across the board cut by the federal government (states without a balanced budget in their constitutions should follow suit), and a one year moratorium on write-offs, would go a long way. I don’t have any figures on how much money would flow back into Washington, but it would be a lot, and every penny of it would have to go to paying down the debt.

The only way we are going to get out of this mess is for EVERYONE to feel some pain. Not some “super committee” picking and choosing who will feel that pain…based on their personal preferences.

Oh, and I forgot one major item. If congress and their drunken spending is how we got into this mess, and they routinely hav a 9% approval rating, then why the hell do we continue to re-elect the same inept knuckleheads every two and six years? Fire every stinking incumbent next November…which leads to another topic.

Sgt. Hug

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