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Human and Moral Dimensions

“Washington and Military Assistance Command, Vietnam assessed the war through the rose-colored glasses of body counts. In so doing they violated the basic principles of fighting wars that the Marine Corps had lived and died by for more than 190 years: war is ultimately a test of wills, in which the human and moral dimensions are far more vital than the technological and administrative ones.”
– from a section about the Vietnam war in the book American Spartans, by James Warren

Is this ringing true again, except in the Middle East.

I’m torn on the Middle East, should we give a flying crap about them building a caliphate, and becoming a giant force? What if their goal is to become powerful enough that everyone will quit inserting themselves into their business. We love freedom, as I’m sure a lot of them would love to have…but what if the majority is fine with business as usual? It’s tricky, do we try to enlighten them to western ways by squashing those who oppose freedom?

The problem arises here, they don’t want just the Middle East, they want it all, and always have. Martel stopped the Muslim advance in the battle of Tours over 1,300 years ago. The Crusades were partly in response to the Muslim push into Europe. The Ottoman Empire was huge and ruled a large swath for hundreds of years…oh, and the current Middle East map is a result of the west redrawing the map to their liking.

If they would stick to screwing with their own, oh well, that’s the way they’ve always operated. BUT, they are screwing with everyone else…and for that they MUST be crushed down to the person doing the dishes for the radical Islamists.

This harkens back to the book quote…do we understand smart bombs won’t do it? Do we understand throwing a bunch of troops at it isn’t enough? We NEED a leader who can tell the world the human and moral dimensions we champion are why we have to crush this enemy of the civilized world. If the people feel it IS the right thing to do, then it can be done. But I fear our weak kneed half ass approach will be our ultimate downfall. This goes back far before Obama, what did Carter do about the Iranian embassy takeover? Nothing. What did Reagan do after the Beirut bombing? Nothing. Did Bush 1 finish the job in the gulf war? No. What did Clinton do after the Cole, after the Mogadishu debacle? Nothing. What did Bush 2 do about 9/11…not nearly enough. What is Obama doing about the domino effect taking place now, the ISIS butchers around the world? He is using technology (and limited)…nothing about the human and moral dimensions ever comes out of his mouth. He has so little stomach for war (and love for Islam) that he can’t even muster an attempt to convince us to squash this brutal enemy of the whole world.

Sgt. Hug

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We Don’t Need No Stinking Foreign Policy

Foreign policy is just that to this administration, foreign.  Let’s look at the list of foreign policy accomplishments for the last five years, and I’m sure I will miss some.  These will not be in a timeline format.

1.  The Arab Spring.

2. Tunisia falling.

3.  Egypt falling (twice).

4.  Libya falling.  Hillary’s famous quote “we came, we saw, he died” referring to Muamar Qadhafi (spelled a dozen different ways, so I made up another version)

5.  Unable to make a deal for a residual force in Iraq after nine years of war…not terrorists are gaining strength, and have taken a city we lost over 100 Marines in a fight for in 2004.

6.  Drawing a “red line” in Syria, then doing nothing (not that I thought we should to begin with).

7.  An American consulate being attacked in Benghazi, Libya, in which four Americans were murdered, including a US ambassador.  To this day no one has been caught and no retaliation has taken place.

8.  Selling guns illegally to Mexican drug cartels, which we immediately lost track of, and then they were used by the cartels to murder a US Boarder Patrol agent.

9.  China has increased their air patrol space for no apparent reason, other to flex their growing military muscles (and to put Japan on edge).

10.  Killing a missile shield deal with Poland and Czechoslovakia…to appease the Russians with the new “reset button”.

11.  Giving the Russians the above mentioned “reset button”…and it was an actual cutesy button.

12.  The mayhem in Ukraine, in which the president again threatened a country about not crossing a line…and since that threat the Russians have built up their troop presence in the Crimea region of Ukraine.

13.  Warming up to Israel by telling them they need to go back to the pre 1967 boarders, essentially cutting their country in half.

Then there is the simple stupid things.

1.  Giving an iPod to the queen of England that contained a list of your favorite speeches.

2.  Removing a bust of Winston Churchill.

The list of the stupid things could probably go on, but I think you get the point.

President Obama’s foreign policy, with Hillary Clinton at the helm of the State Department, has been an absolute failure.  BO went into office thinking the world would grovel at his feet, faint during his speeches, and just cower and do whatever he wanted, just because he wanted it.  Well, guess what, the world can be a rough place, and full of players who will play the game their own way, unless there is a strong presence in the office of the most powerful and influential country on earth.  A person unafraid of taking a tough line, and pushing back when someone wants to push us, and pushing back in such a fashion,  they will think twice or three times about doing it again.  I just wonder what further mayhem will happen on the world stage over the next three years.

Sgt. Hug


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Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Syria

Senator John McCain says “I’ve been to Syria, I’ve meet them, I know them”. That old senile freak has no clue what or who he knows, all he knows is he wants to go to war and fight for and with Al Qaeda. This is absolutely no different than us arming the Afghans to take out the Russians, the very same people we helped out have been attacking us relentlessly for years, some before that. Here are just a few of the well known ones.

Embassy bombings in Africa
The USS Cole
Khobar Towers
’93 Trade Center bombing
9-11 attack
Pan Am over Lockerbie Scotland
Marine barracks in Beirut
Fort Hood
The underwear bomber (luckily stopped)
The Time Square bomber (pure luck the bomb malfunctioned, it was in place)

To top it off we have been in nonstop conflict and troop presence in the Middle East for 23 straight years. I was in Desert Storm, I hated the region then, and I hate it more now.
Saudi Arabia

So now the brain dead want to add Syria to the list, and they seem to think it will be different this time. Sometimes I really think our dumb asses in charge WANT WWIII to break out, and they won’t stop until they get it. There is the outside possibility they think they can turn the region around. HA! It’s been the same way since its inception, and will never change short of it being turned into a giant sheet of glass.

So, I say watch them like a hawk, if they make a move on us, we take them out…totally out. Until then, let them slaughter each other.

Sgt. Hug

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Sgt. I Should Have Gotten Out

This is a topic that is being tossed all over the internet and then some.  I’ve waited a little while to see what information would come in before I made any comments.  Well, even at this point there will probably be several changes to the story, but I can’t resist any longer.

Some back story about Sgt. Robert Bales so far.  He was an investment guy who’s business went south, which according to reports is when he joined the Army.   In 2002 he was charged with assaulting his girlfriend.  A few years back he was charged with hit and run, but charges were dropped.  Supposedly he was a model soldier who joined because he was inspired by events of 9/11.  This seems to go against reports that he joined after a business went bad.  Oh, he also has a string of commendations for good conduct.  Good conduct is a laughable fact,  because all you have to do is not get caught for your misdeeds and you get the medal…I know this for fact.

So, it seems like the story/excuse for him going “insane” was financial troubles and bushes with the law.  Well join the club Sgt. Bales, a lot of people have financial problems and brushes with the law, yet don’t find it in them to massacre 16 people.

My guess is this.  He was a pissy whiner at heart and couldn’t or wouldn’t muster up the guts to deal with his problems.  He was pissed because he was on his fourth deployment to a war zone, and had recently had a fellow soldier wounded right in front of him.  Then pile on the Koran burning incident and the resulting murders of six U.S. soldiers in retaliation.  So, Sgt Bales was tossing a couple back and decided he was going to get a little payback, no matter who it was, just happens that civilians make easier targets.

Now the last I remember the military is all volunteer, re-enlistment is not mandatory.  If he hated the repeated assignments to combat zones, I have this to say…he could have simply let his enlistment expire and returned to civilian life.  Presto, no more combat.

But maybe there was something more sinister at work, maybe he went on a killing spree with the cold and calculated attitude that such an act would help hasten our departure from the country.

Well, no matter how it is spun by lawyers, shrinks, military brass, old classmates,  politicians, the simple fact is this, he is a mass murderer.  If he is found guilty,  he should end up on a gurney with needles in his arms or an electric chair.

I have noticed one very odd thing.  When a handful of Korans were burned, Afghanistan went nuts, riots, destruction and murder were rampant.  Yet when 16 civilians, mostly women and children, were murdered…not one riot or any out of control chaos has been mentioned.  Let’s you know what is really important in Afghanistan.  It also lets you know what wasn’t important to Sgt. Bales, his wife and kids.

Sgt. Hug


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