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Death to the Infidel!

I don’t deny the existence of God, neither I or any human is smart enough or knowing enough to to say one way or another (atheists are clearly smart enough though). I will say this though, I think all religions are stupid. They were created by humans to control people, and for thousands of years have been very successful. I could go down the list of the vastly different doctrines and ridiculous beliefs they push on their adherents, and try to push on non practitioners…but there are too many. A few good ones though…baptizing after death by proxy, world created in six days, soul moving from one body to another, any contrary teaching of the bible chapter and verse is not true, members of one religion can live under another but must submit to the majority, denial of God (yes, atheism is a religion)

Each religion believes theirs is the correct one and others are incorrect. I think all religions are stupid.

Have I offended anyone’s deeply held beliefs enough to warrant some form of consequence? A verbal thrashing? A beating? Death?

Sgt. Hug

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Three Keepers

Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, Cino De Mayo.  These are three days, that for the life of me I can’t figure out why people get so excited about.  Unless you have some direct tie to them, they are celebrated in the U.S. for one reason, to drink obscene amounts of booze.  Seriously, what other reason do you need to drink beside the fact that booze exists.  But these aren’t the only useless days on the calendar, here’s more..

1.  Valentines Day.  A day men are made to feel like dirt if they don’t conform with society and spend a bunch of money and buy candy for someone who may not need it.  The garbage hits the shelves a mere number of days after New Years Eve.

2.  May Day, though not a spendy day, why on earth do people of a freedom loving country want to even bat an eye at a day that is revered in the communist/socialist world.

3.  Labor Day.  Here is a novel thought, let’s ditch the day and simply call it “end of the summer long weekend”.  Again, labor movements are tied in with communists/socialists.  A good way for workers to celebrate…cash the paycheck that you earned.

Here is the kicker, two of the most revered days in the Christian world are Christmas, which we start hearing about endlessly for two months prior.  And Easter, which has been turned into a hard-boiled egg and buckets of candy hunt…which are on the store shelves for about a month prior to the day.  Don’t get me wrong, though I’m not really a religious guy, Christmas is huge in foundation.  Easter may even mean more than Christmas when it comes to depth of meaning and impact.

Outside of the obvious mass world following of Christmas and Easter, let’s look at a few that are unique and important to our country, and our country only.

1.  Memorial Day.  Simple, this should be a somber day to memorialize and remember those in the military who have given their lives in the defense of this country, or in the process of enabling those of another country desperately trying to find freedom.  I don’t think it should be a day for air shows celebrate those who are living…we have Veteran’s Day for that.  Let’s have services at the cemetary and place flags at the graves of those who gave the ulimate…their lives.

2.  Fourth of July.  Simple, we stated our intention to become a free country, no longer under the yoke of the British.  Let’s cook out and drink on this day…it really is a celebration, one that needs to be remembered so it doesn’t happen again.

3.  Thanksgiving.  Simple, a feel good day that acknowledges our bountiful ways and who helped with some good farming tricks.

Those three days are purely American, there may be other small ones not coming to mind, but they are the big three.

I have become cranky with age and cynical about anything that requires a month or more of loaded store shelves to celebrate.  And for all our sake, I won’t even get into the relentless fund driving/begging for money by organizations that last a month each.

Sgt. Hug



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A Novelty

I’m all for personal freedom, as long as you aren’t hurting anyone else or putting someone else in danger.

If you want to not wear a seatbelt, so what, you shouldn’t have to wear one. If you want to ride your motorcycle without a helmet, don’t wear one. You may cause other people to worry a little about you, but if something should happen to you in either case, you won’t be physically be hurting anyone but yourself.

It is pure and simple, both of those laws were created to save insurance companies potentially big payouts. The legislatures did not come up with them because they are concerned with your well being. If the legislatures actually care about your well being, they would loosen the grip of regulations over your personal decisions. However those personal decisions can’t put other people in physical jeopardy.

Now having said that, I saw one of the most idiotic examples of a persons decision putting someone else in danger. I saw a guy at a gas station filling up his motorcycle, and he was wearing a “novelty” or “outlaw” helmet. They are nice, light weight and comfortable. However, if you are in a wreck and smash your head on the pavement, they will only keep your brains from spilling onto the road. Chances of surviving the head wound will be far slimmer. Fine and dandy, that should be his choice. Here is the kicker, his passenger was about 8 years old, barely able to reach the foot pegs…and he was also wearing a “novelty” helmet.

To reiterate, if he wants to go without a helmet, should be his choice. But this man was needlessly and stupidly putting a child in very obvious danger…the rider had to have been very aware of this, and did not seem to care.

I can say one thing…this guy should be charged with child endangerment.

Sgt. Hug

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What a Fluke

I’m not going to make this a long article, but a short to the point one. Sandra Fluke is a hack, who it turns out is 30 and it seems specifically went to Georgetown Law School to challenge their policy. Oh, and she was president of a pro-abortion group, the Law Students for Reproductive Justice.

1. None of this is about women’s health, it’s a power play by the government, and about people wanting free stuff from the taxpayer. In this case one of the many forms of contraception available at many locations, such as city/county clinics, and planned parenthood (should be called “how do I get out of being a parent”).

2. What was Sandra’s Starbucks and cosmopolitan (drink, not magazine) bill? Cut back and pay for your own stuff.

3. Funny how the government is going to give all women free (taxpayer-funded) contraception. So, I guess men should soon start receiving free (taxpayer-funded) condoms from any store they chose to get them from…not a chance.

4. This whole thing is about getting single, and/or unthinking women to keep voting Democrat.

Rush Limbaugh was basically correct. Maybe she isn’t a slut, but she sure wants everyone else to pay for her protection during her sexual escapades while attending a $63,000 a year law school. Here is a novel idea, budget your money. If you still can’t afford it after you budget…keep your pants on or purchase an item from your local “novelty shop”.

Sgt. Hug

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No Words to Describe

This Penn State nightmare is more disturbing on many levels than I care to imagine.

1. You have an assistant coach who was caught in the act of sodomizing a 10 year old boy in the shower room at the stadium.

2. What did the chicken shit who witnessed it do? Calls his mother and then reports it the next day. Why the hell didn’t this former football player immediately beat Sandusky into a coma?

3. Once officials were notified what did they do? Well, they didn’t report it to the police, they turned a blind eye and told Sandusky not to bring underage boys to the field anymore.

4. Over the past weekend the story broke on the national stage, and when it was clear high up people, including Joe Paterno, knew what happened…we got a lot of talk.

5. People assemble to support their legendary coach, but the controversy leads him to decide to retire at the end of the season.

6. I get coffee at work and see on TV, ESPN pundits discussing the situation. Here is the bad part, Kirk Herbstreit is actually defending Paterno staying on until the end of the season. This jerk off, Herbstreit, was concerned about the poor players losing their coach with only three games left, and it affecting their chance at a title. What kind of a twisted bastard is this Herbstreit.

7. Later I hear from the next shift manager, that Paterno and the university president were both fired. Amen, it only took almost three days AFTER everyone found out Paterno knew about it, for him to lose his job.

8. I get home from work at midnight to see on the news that a couple hundred students were protesting Paterno being fired. It was a peaceful gathering though, only a handful of smashed windows and a news van turned over.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with our culture? Winning is so important that an assistant coach who had been sodomizing boys for years is given a pass. A media that is more worried about the players losing their coach, and students rioting in support the “legendary” head coach when he is finally fired.

How about that boy in the shower room, how about the seven others that we know about? Anyone seem to be overly concerned with what they endured? Nope, we have to win! And we can’t mar the career of our legendary coach. Guess what Joe, you are going out in disgrace…well maybe not in the minds of the sports media and your loser students.

If I was the father of one of those boys, I would make sure Sandusky had to eat from a feeding tube for the rest of his life…and maybe a few others would sustain some collateral damage.

Now to go scrub my brain.

Sgt. Hug


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Hail Mary

I just read there is a Muslim group that is bent out of shape because they are offended by the crosses and crucifixes around them at their college…a CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY! Seriously, they think there should be special places for them to pray five times a day. I have a great idea, if you are Muslim (or anyone else for that matter) and are offended by Christian imagery…DON’T GO TO A CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY!

I really think many Muslims deliberately put themselves in situations just so they can bitch about something, and then try to make people cave to their will. The problem is in our stinking PC run country, it’s an easy objective to accomplish.

This kind of moronic story makes my head hurt.

That is all.

Sgt. Hug

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Leave it to California to lead the way in all things health related. The first to ban smoking in restaurants and bars and now Gov. Jerry Brown has signed in a law banning anyone under 18 from using a tanning bed.

So, your sweet 16 year old daughter won’t be able to tan in a bed before spring break, but if she comes home knocked up from that same spring break…well she can take care of that pesky problem by getting an abortion. Best part is she doesn’t even have to worry about her parents finding out because parental consent is not required.

Is it just me, or does it seem like priorities are completely out of whack when it’s OK to let a teenage girl to get an abortion, and not use a tanning bed.

Oh, another tidbit, California’s abortion rate is 8% higher than the national average.

Sgt. Hug


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Getting fat (so your female boobs morph into man boobs) doesn’t make you a male. Cutting your hair close cropped, plastering on a few tattoos, and wearing a wife beater doesn’t make you a male. Taking hormones to grow a sorry looking beard, and a final trip under the knife does not make you male.

Nope, none of that makes you a male…that makes you a female with a very elaborate disguise. No, actually, it makes you Frankenstein.

And please don’t parade it around like it is something to be celebrated.

That is all.

Sgt. Hug

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Labor Pains

Labor Day started in 1882, in New York. It was first observed by the Central Labor Union. It was observed by several states, but was rushed through by Grover Cleveland to make it a national holiday. This was done to appease and pacify the unions after the military and U.S. Marshals killed some workers during clashes surrounding the Pullman Strike (unions vs railroads) in Pullman, Illinois.

So what we really have is a day where no one in government works, and virtually no one in private industry…all in the name of socialism. Yes, I said it, socialism. Labor Day is the U.S. version of May Day, and May Day is a favorite in every country below the Texas border, and really popular in Russia. I bet the people in SEIU (service employees international union) and all of the teachers and “students” who protested in Wisconsin REALLY love it. Labor Day is probably like Christmas and Easter rolled into one for Barack Obama.

Ronald Reagan (yes, I know he was head of the screen actors guild for a while…but he left) fired the striking air traffic control workers when they did not heed his call for them to report to work…good for him. Barack Obama had Andy Stern, the head of SEIU, to the White House 22 times (the most frequent guest) in his first six months in office. Enough said.

I’m quite certain most people in this country could care less about celebrating the worker, it’s just another three day weekend. We start the summer season memorializing the people who have given their lives ensuring our freedom, and we end it by celebrating socialism.

I think we should change the name to “end of summer ______” (people fill in the blank) or simply get rid of the holiday. It wouldn’t break my heart in the slightest if we had no Labor Day.

But for now, I’ll take advantage of the day off and perform some labor around the house.

Sgt. Hug

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Religion of Pieces (revised)

****Since first writing this, when the news said a Muslim group claimed responsibility, it now appears to be the work of a nut job of the highest order.  So, I  scratched Oslo from the list of atrocities, but the rest speak for themselves.   Now watch the story change again.  I did what I always rag on the media for doing…printing early stuff before the full story is in.

Beirut (embassy and Marine barracks), World Trade Center x 2, USS Cole, American embassies in Africa, London, Madrid, Bali, Mumbai, Russia, UN Compounds, Theo Van Gogh (knifed in broad daylight), the shoe bomber, the underwear bomber, world-wide attacks against Christian churches, the never-ending assault against Israel…the list goe on and on.

When will people put political correctness to bed and face the fact that the “Religion of peace” is not even close to that description.  It was born and grew out of warfare, intimidation and slaughter…and it continues the same practices 1,400 years later.

The civilized world and Islam have never been, and never will be compatible.  A religion and culture are at war with everyone who is not them, and the sooner people face that fact, the sooner we can take actual steps to win the war.  Until then, we will just continue to be easy targets.

Sgt. Hug

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