Add Up…It Does Not

The United States of America makes up 4.2% of the world population.

The USA makes up 18.9% of total worldwide Covid-19 cases.

The USA makes up 15.2% of total worldwide deaths with Covid-19. I say “dies with” because if you have Covid, are shot in the face and die…it’s a Covid death. Have Covid and die in a motorcycle wreck…it’s a Covid death.

Seriously, how can 4.2% of the world population have 18.9% of total Covid cases and 15.2% of total deaths. If anyone can clarify this, please, enlighten me.

Sgt. Hug


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2 responses to “Add Up…It Does Not

  1. Hc

    While a great deal of that has to do with cooking the numbers, U.S. doctors have also been commanded to use the protocol: under NO circumstances give early treatment or prophylactics, send people home and tell them to come back when they’re blue, shut down their kidneys with remdesivir, let their lungs fill up with fluid and then polish it off with a ventilator improperly calibrated. And hey presto! You win the most deaths!

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