Don’t Vax Me, Bro

The endless push for people to take the non FDA approved experimental Covid vaccine has hit ridiculous proportions. At first it was the vaccines are 95% effective, but as time went on and the virus dragged on, new variants (like with any flu virus) morphs into something else, rendering the previous version less effective. I just read Moderna and Johnson & Johnson are between 65 and 95% effective and Pfizer is between 42 and 95% effective. It’s funny how the FDA said cool to a third shot of the least effective vaccine out there, but not the more effective Moderna or J & J.

Work had been pushing the vaccines hard for a while, but seem to have backed off lately. Fully vaccinated can go mask-less at work, but the un vaxed still have to wear a mask. I have been playing their game, when the CDC guidelines said fully vaxed don’t need to wear a mask, so work went along with that. But when the CDC guidelines changed to recommending all people indoors wear a mask regardless of their vax status, and work did not change to the new guidelines, they started to lose me. Now two fully vaxed people at work have contracted Covid, and the vaxed still aren’t required to wear a mask…I’m done playing the game. They ALL know full well fully vaxed people can catch and spread the virus, yet they don’t have to wear mask, and the un vaxed do…something is wrong.

Why is it a fully vaccinated person knowing they can potentially catch and spread the virus is allowed to make a calculated choice to wear or not wear a mask, yet the unvaccinated are not allowed the same choice. If either fully vaccinated or unvaccinated catch it, they have to go on the same quarantine, for the same period of time. The only difference is from what the stats show, is the fully vaxed tend not to get as sick as unvaxed…but let the individual make that choice. All local government mandates have been dropped, the university had a football game this weekend and in a crowd of 46,000 there was barely a mask in sight. Why won’t many places of employment drop mask requirements. It’s either all mask or no mask.

A local music festival promoter said only people who show proof of vaccination or a negative test within three days of the concert will be allowed in. Um, dummies the unvaxed and catch still spread it. Um, dummies, so someone gets a negative result three days before the concert, what it they catch it the next day, two days before the concert.

I look at it like this, if a pregnant woman can decide (my body, my choice) to kill their unborn baby, well it’s my body, my choice if I’m going to be injected with an experimental vaccine that NO ONE knows the potential long term effects.

Oh, and you hear a lot of “it’s been FDA approved, what is your excuse now”, well the approval is for future versions of the vaccine, not the ones currently being jabbed into peoples arms.

The lack of critical thought is really quite amazing. And the members of the cult of Covid are mindless drones.

Sgt. Hug.

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