Middle East

New tag line for people wanting out of the Middle East…isolationists. See if we leave ISIS regains strength and then we have to deal with refugees. WRONG! The Middle East has to deal with refugees…we do not let them in our country. We want to keep stacking our cities with Muslims and get more Ilhan Omars, have “no go zones” like in London and Paris?We will not change that region, they are what they are, always have been, and always will be. The Barbary Wars (Libya) was over 200 years ago. 40 years ago the Islamists overran our embassy in Tehran. 36 years ago Islamists blew up the Marine barracks in Beirut. 29 years ago was Desert Storm. Afghanistan war at 18 years is our longest war ever. How in the hell has our involvement in the Middle East and North Africa done us one bit of good.

The old line “no blood for oil”, well I don’t think it’s all about oil…but if there was no oil there would we even care what they do to each other? I already don’t care.

That said, they kill innocent Americans and they will feel a wrath from the sky like they’ve never felt. Who says we need troops in the ground…we can make life very very miserable for them just by bombing the hell out of them.

I really am sick of that place.

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Sgt. Hug

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