Human and Moral Dimensions

“Washington and Military Assistance Command, Vietnam assessed the war through the rose-colored glasses of body counts. In so doing they violated the basic principles of fighting wars that the Marine Corps had lived and died by for more than 190 years: war is ultimately a test of wills, in which the human and moral dimensions are far more vital than the technological and administrative ones.”
– from a section about the Vietnam war in the book American Spartans, by James Warren

Is this ringing true again, except in the Middle East.

I’m torn on the Middle East, should we give a flying crap about them building a caliphate, and becoming a giant force? What if their goal is to become powerful enough that everyone will quit inserting themselves into their business. We love freedom, as I’m sure a lot of them would love to have…but what if the majority is fine with business as usual? It’s tricky, do we try to enlighten them to western ways by squashing those who oppose freedom?

The problem arises here, they don’t want just the Middle East, they want it all, and always have. Martel stopped the Muslim advance in the battle of Tours over 1,300 years ago. The Crusades were partly in response to the Muslim push into Europe. The Ottoman Empire was huge and ruled a large swath for hundreds of years…oh, and the current Middle East map is a result of the west redrawing the map to their liking.

If they would stick to screwing with their own, oh well, that’s the way they’ve always operated. BUT, they are screwing with everyone else…and for that they MUST be crushed down to the person doing the dishes for the radical Islamists.

This harkens back to the book quote…do we understand smart bombs won’t do it? Do we understand throwing a bunch of troops at it isn’t enough? We NEED a leader who can tell the world the human and moral dimensions we champion are why we have to crush this enemy of the civilized world. If the people feel it IS the right thing to do, then it can be done. But I fear our weak kneed half ass approach will be our ultimate downfall. This goes back far before Obama, what did Carter do about the Iranian embassy takeover? Nothing. What did Reagan do after the Beirut bombing? Nothing. Did Bush 1 finish the job in the gulf war? No. What did Clinton do after the Cole, after the Mogadishu debacle? Nothing. What did Bush 2 do about 9/11…not nearly enough. What is Obama doing about the domino effect taking place now, the ISIS butchers around the world? He is using technology (and limited)…nothing about the human and moral dimensions ever comes out of his mouth. He has so little stomach for war (and love for Islam) that he can’t even muster an attempt to convince us to squash this brutal enemy of the whole world.

Sgt. Hug

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