Death to the Infidel!

I don’t deny the existence of God, neither I or any human is smart enough or knowing enough to to say one way or another (atheists are clearly smart enough though). I will say this though, I think all religions are stupid. They were created by humans to control people, and for thousands of years have been very successful. I could go down the list of the vastly different doctrines and ridiculous beliefs they push on their adherents, and try to push on non practitioners…but there are too many. A few good ones though…baptizing after death by proxy, world created in six days, soul moving from one body to another, any contrary teaching of the bible chapter and verse is not true, members of one religion can live under another but must submit to the majority, denial of God (yes, atheism is a religion)

Each religion believes theirs is the correct one and others are incorrect. I think all religions are stupid.

Have I offended anyone’s deeply held beliefs enough to warrant some form of consequence? A verbal thrashing? A beating? Death?

Sgt. Hug

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