We Don’t Need No Stinking Foreign Policy

Foreign policy is just that to this administration, foreign.  Let’s look at the list of foreign policy accomplishments for the last five years, and I’m sure I will miss some.  These will not be in a timeline format.

1.  The Arab Spring.

2. Tunisia falling.

3.  Egypt falling (twice).

4.  Libya falling.  Hillary’s famous quote “we came, we saw, he died” referring to Muamar Qadhafi (spelled a dozen different ways, so I made up another version)

5.  Unable to make a deal for a residual force in Iraq after nine years of war…not terrorists are gaining strength, and have taken a city we lost over 100 Marines in a fight for in 2004.

6.  Drawing a “red line” in Syria, then doing nothing (not that I thought we should to begin with).

7.  An American consulate being attacked in Benghazi, Libya, in which four Americans were murdered, including a US ambassador.  To this day no one has been caught and no retaliation has taken place.

8.  Selling guns illegally to Mexican drug cartels, which we immediately lost track of, and then they were used by the cartels to murder a US Boarder Patrol agent.

9.  China has increased their air patrol space for no apparent reason, other to flex their growing military muscles (and to put Japan on edge).

10.  Killing a missile shield deal with Poland and Czechoslovakia…to appease the Russians with the new “reset button”.

11.  Giving the Russians the above mentioned “reset button”…and it was an actual cutesy button.

12.  The mayhem in Ukraine, in which the president again threatened a country about not crossing a line…and since that threat the Russians have built up their troop presence in the Crimea region of Ukraine.

13.  Warming up to Israel by telling them they need to go back to the pre 1967 boarders, essentially cutting their country in half.

Then there is the simple stupid things.

1.  Giving an iPod to the queen of England that contained a list of your favorite speeches.

2.  Removing a bust of Winston Churchill.

The list of the stupid things could probably go on, but I think you get the point.

President Obama’s foreign policy, with Hillary Clinton at the helm of the State Department, has been an absolute failure.  BO went into office thinking the world would grovel at his feet, faint during his speeches, and just cower and do whatever he wanted, just because he wanted it.  Well, guess what, the world can be a rough place, and full of players who will play the game their own way, unless there is a strong presence in the office of the most powerful and influential country on earth.  A person unafraid of taking a tough line, and pushing back when someone wants to push us, and pushing back in such a fashion,  they will think twice or three times about doing it again.  I just wonder what further mayhem will happen on the world stage over the next three years.

Sgt. Hug


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2 responses to “We Don’t Need No Stinking Foreign Policy

  1. Love it. I mean after all, America’s gotta grow some nuts. There’s no more time for reveling on the things America has done in the past, and sitting back on our perceived status. We need to step up and get back to doing things the right way when it comes to foreign policy. That doesn’t mean going to war with everyone, it just means picking our battles and doing what needs to be done when push comes to shove. We have created and upheld a society that has somewhat become accustomed to peace and tranquility because of our reputation in the international community, but other countries are not the same. The people need to be better informed, and as a country we need to make sure we make our stands properly.

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