Mitt, Go for a KO!

OK.  Romney is by all accounts a good guy, good family man, good church going man, but he better put on gloves, and keep them on until November 7th (yes, the day after).  Now when I say gloves, I’m not talking about the gloves you would hit the bag with, or the gloves for light sparing.  No, I’m talking about taping the hands tight and putting them in the pair of gloves you are ready to knock someones head off with.

Barack Obama is not going to play footsie, the man hasn’t done enough damage to the country yet, he needs another term to really screw things up beyond repair.  Normally it is the surrogates who do all of the mud-slinging, but BO himself has already said “I’m Barack Obama, and I approve this add”, to complete falsehoods.  The man will be in massive attack mode from here on out.

Now, Mitt Romney needs to do something…STOP asking for apologies from the Liar in Chief.  BO won’t apologize now, and he won’t do it at all.   Mitt needs to stop waiting for some nonsense from the BO group, then respond, it looks weak.  MR didn’t have any problem tearing his competition apart in the primaries, he had better do himself a favor and start tearing Obama apart.  Every time BO opens his mouth with trash talk, Romney needs to jam it right back down his throat.  Now, the personal  attacks, which there are plenty of against BO, leave those to the surrogates, but anything policy related, MR hammer him relentlessly.

Look, I’m just a no name who likes to rant and go off on a blog that is hardly read, but I can list off a huge list of bad stuff BO has done. MR needs to go all the way back to ’08 and start pulling some of BO statements made then and bring them back to light.  McCain was too much of a wimp, as were his surrogates, to say anything bad about BO (I really love the initials…reminds me of stench), and he paid dearly for it.

Here is one very simple thing that say it all, “fundamentally change”.  He is doing a great job when it comes to that.  He has made this country more divided that it’s probably been since the 50’s civil rights mayhem, if not the Civil War.  He is doing everything he can to pit one group of people against another by race, gender, financial means, nationality, etc..  So, BO never really said what the “fundamentally change” did he, everyone just took that to mean he wanted to change Washington…HA!!  He sure fooled you!

I’m not even going to get into the list, there will many more rants ahead.  I believe Mitt Romney is a solid candidate, business wise, managerial wise, and cool-headed.  But he had better treat this like the fight of his life, because I truly believe the future of our country is at stake here.

I have not found any democrat politicians appealing, I may not like their ideas, or paths they want to take, but they don’t disgust every fiber of my being.  Barack Obama is something else entirely, he makes the worst democrat look like an angel.  To the bone, I think the man has evil intentions for this country.  I really dread what his October surprise will be.  Someone I know said they thought he would try to create a national emergency, so he could suspend the election…well, with this guy, I wouldn’t put it past him.

I want BO out so bad, I did something I have not done before…I sent a candidate some money, that being Mitt Romney, and I may send more.  Mitt, do me and the rest of the country a HUGE favor…fight with every ounce of energy you have to unseat Oblamer.

Sgt. Hug

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