Sutter Douchebag

Kurt Sutter, the creator of my favorite show on TV “Sons of Anarchy” had this to say in his most recent blog about the evils of FOX News. “FOX News is not only preaching to the lowest common denominator, they are in fact, creating it”.

Then a couple of paragraphs later he says this.
“I realize this is potentially a damaging blog post for me. I work for Fox and I know a large percentage of my SOA audience are middle-America conservatives who watch Fox News. They get very upset when “tattooed TV boy” goes political. But I take the risk because I’m truly worried for these people, who do indeed represent the core of our country. I respect their opinions and their philosophical beliefs. I just want them to be treated fairly. I’m tired of them being lied to night after night, issue after issue. The breaking point is near and it’s gonna be fucking messy”.

Well Kurt, I’m so glad to know that you are so smart and wise, yet the rest of us are so stupid, that you worry about us. You are an imbecile. One minute you are calling us FOX watchers the lowest common denominator, then expressing your respect and worry for us.

How about this Kurt, the liberals ran ALL television news for ever and most print, that’s all we got, liberal slant. Now FOX comes along and actually presents some conservative angles, and you are freaking pissed because you don’t dominate anymore. Must be why you came up with a show about a heavy 1%er motorcycle club…to make yourself seem tough in the absence of actual toughness.

What a douchebag. Keep running your jibs and calling me the lowest common denominator…and I’ll dump your show, and spread the word why.  Here is a link to his blog if you want to read the whole thing.

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