Walk the Line

Well last night was a huge night in politics, and it took place in Wisconsin.

In 2010 Scott Walker (R) was elected in a normally blue state. He was elected because he said he was going to straighten out the budget, unemployment, and financial woes.

One of the things he did was go against government employer unions. He wanted to make it optional for people join a union, he succeeded, in March of 2011 there were 68,000 public sector union members, in 2012 there are 28,000. That means when given the option, 40,000 people bailed from the unions. One of the other things was he wanted union members to contribute a small amount, about 1% toward their own retirement. This passed also, but not without massive demonstrations, and democratic reps and senators running from the state and hiding, all avoid the vote. Well Scott Walker let them play their games a while, tried to get them to come back, and when they didn’t he stripped revenue items from the bill and they voted without the dems. When this their shenanigans failed, the unions went on a blitz to recall him, and he and the Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch. So it went to the ballot box on Tuesday, June 5, 2012. Guess what, Walker and Kleefisch both won their recalls…the unions and dems failed to oust them.

Governor Walker is a true example of solid leader. He was willing to make the tough calls, clash with the unions (full disclosure…I loathe unions), and take bold steps to improve the lives of Wisconsin residents. I hope the rest of the country is looking at what took place in Wisconsin, and realize the same kind of bold measures and bold leadership are what we need on a national level, as well as in a lot of states.

Congratulations Governor Scott Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch.

Sgt. Hug


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2 responses to “Walk the Line

  1. GGMac

    Two weeks later now, and lookee, lookee – the Supremes have followed suit in kneecapping the unions. WOOT!

    • Now let’s hope for a good healthcare decision that will send even more message to the lefties. They seem to have no clue, and are all talk…that is backing up nothing but their vocal chords.

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