Green Marines

This is a tweet that was on the official Marine Corps twitter feed. “Happy #EarthDay! The Marine Corps’ been green since 1775. Ooh-rah!”.

The only part of that familiar to me is about the Corps being green since 1775. Though when I went to boot camp 28 years ago, being green was what Marines were called to break any racial lines. You weren’t white, black, Hispanic, Indian, etc… you were different shades of green. That kind of makes sense since the Marines come from all walks of life.

But now the Marines are tying being green in with the super liberal festive event called Earth Day. Trust me when I say a vast majority of Earth Day followers and participants hate the military and all it stands for…and the Marines are the epitome of military. So by sucking up to the liberal establishment the Corps makes itself look weak and pathetic.

What ever happened to the days when this was a slogan, “The U.S. Marines, When It Absolutely Positively Has To Be Destroyed Overnight”. Yes, now there’s a slogan for you, and by the way, I bought that shirt on base.

The Marines need to stay out of the nicey nice business, because the people they are trying to suck up to, don’t give a flying crap about them (except in a negative light). Those earth day folks will never enlist, and will actively prevent their friends and family from joining.

The Marines need to stick to one thing and one thing only, the thing they have excelled at since their birth at Tun Tavern, November 10, 1775…kicking the living crap out of anyone or anything that gets in the way of our country and our way of life. Now that deserves an Ooh Rah… not Earth Day!

Sgt. Hug

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