Declaration of War

Contraception, equal pay, stay at home moms…each instance is purely the democrats attempt at regaining/retaining the vote of women.

Contraception has been covered in the Sandra Fluke scenario, so I won’t hash out the details, other than it was trying to make it look like NO republican men wanted women taking any form of birth control.  No, it was all about convincing women we hate them, and about who should or shouldn’t have to pay for extra curricular, personal physical activities.

Attack stay at home moms.  Brilliant, attack the group of people who are the most keenly aware of how much it costs to raise a family, and the hard work that goes into that task.  I’m a dad with two kids, I work full-time in the evenings, and let me tell you just having two kids running around for half the day is a serious workout.  I can’t imagine Ann Romney and five boys.  Liberals simply hate the idea that a woman would voluntarily stay home with kids and not pursue a workplace career…unless you are Sarah Palin and then they hate you because you were a vice presidential candidate who wouldn’t be at home.

Equal pay taken care of in the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.  I work for a company that employs over 1,000 people, and every hourly employee starts at the same pay, and EARNS incremental increases based on the time they have been employed with the company and their job performance.  All pay raises on my shift of 80 to 120 people are put in for by their immediate supervisor, it then goes across my desk, and finally the desk of the vice president of distribution.  Oh, have I mentioned the raises are figured out by computer programming based on the supervisor entries.  If I had the hankering to adjust down ANY employees pay increase, I am required in writing to justify the decrease to the vice president.  I work for a mid-sized company in the midwest and we have a rather detailed system for reviews and pay increases.  Sure there are exceptions to everything, but there is no doubt in my mind that most companies are diligent in the pay process.

So, in summary us conservative/republican men just hate women so much we have to have a war against them.  This notion is completely insane.  I for one love women, probably too much for my own good sometimes.  If anything you would think some men would be giving better raises to women simply because of beauty, and maybe a smile shot in their direction.  Nope, it’s all about shoring up the female vote in November.  If the liberals can convince women us conservatives are out to run/ruin/destroy every aspect of their lives, the democrats will get their vote in November.

It is an absolute mystery to me how highly intelligent people, or marginally intelligent people for that matter, fall for these sort of amateurish pranks. War against women, what a joke.

Sgt. Hug

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