Just Drug Them *Updated **Updated Again***Updated Yet Again

***The newest one is mothers being exposed to “particulate air pollution”. I’m not saying autism doesn’t exist, but I’m telling you they are throwing around diagnosis on kids like they are throwing PTSD at every person who served in a time of war (drone pilots with it, yeah right). They are trying to make stuff up. If it can’t be diagnosed with physical testing, as in urine, blood, cells, etc…then they are diagnosing it in the form of a shrink, and that sure isn’t science, it’s witchcraft.

**I just read now they are saying environmental pollution is linked to autism. Sounds like an attempt by the environmentalist whackos to play on heart strings in order to push their agenda. What I really think…they are making this up as they go…including the autism stats.

*I just read there is a new study that may link obesity during pregnancy to autism. At what point will people with nothing else to do, stop digging in their asses for non-existent BS.

You hear that word thrown around a lot, yet very little is actually known about the source of the disease. I remember Michael Savage took a beating because he was talking about it and he commented “drop the act”, as if it weren’t a real disease, but an actual act. Here are some basic stats tossed around.

In the world, 1-2 kids out of 1,000 have autism. In the U.S. it is 11.3 per 1,000. I find it amazing how the most politically and financially successful country in the world has the highest rates. Then again, maybe we are headed torwards a world like the movie “Idiocracy”.

It increased dramatically in the 1980’s…beofore massive cell phone use

In the last five years there has been a 79% increase…can’t be from vaccinations, I was getting them in the 60’s and 70’s.

They say genetics and environment can be contributors. Well the recent explosion can’t be too genetic because there wasn’t that much of it back when current parents were born. The environment is not specified, is it weather, TV consumption, being poor? What?

There is a higher rate of Autism than, get this, AIDS, cancer, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, and downs syndrome…COMBINED!

Most recently I heard that there is a potential tie to kids with older parents (dad). The kids with the older parents are more likely to get it. I don’t know how this matches up with the 79% increase in the past five years, are there suddenly people in their 40’s cranking out kids?

Here is the best part though. 1 in 88 kids get it. 1 in 252 girls get it…and 1 in 54 boys get it. So how does it work out that something they are not even sure of how it is passed along, contracted, developed, is so much more prevalent in boys? I think it is this, which plays into Michael Savage somewhat, it is way over diagnosed and in a lot of cases they do need to drop the act. Maybe some better parenting would help. I mean seriously, when I was a kid boys ran around playing tag, racing bikes, climbing trees and pulling girls pigtails. What were girls doing at the same time, playing house and huddling together on the playground and hanging together…staying away from us rambunctious boys.

I think part of what drives these stats of so many boys getting it is this, by and large, boys grow up and run business, we are the predominate participants in politics…and we start and fight wars! All of these things are looked upon with disdain by the liberal crowd (who dominate the media and education)…who seem to hate business, hate the boys club, and hate war (so do I, but if it comes to war, you better be ready for it).

So, if this huge amount of boys develop autism, we can dope the boy out of the boy, in turn the boy doesn’t developed the normal way a boy does, and in turn not the way a man does. It’s funny, we have the same disproportionate rates in boys with ADD and ADHD, a couple more reasons to drug boys out of their youth and beyond.

I’m not saying autism doesn’t exist, but it surely has to be over diagnosed. It is also a convenient way to take bad parenting off your shoulders.

Sgt. Hug

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