I’ll Take 1%

I’ll preface this as normal, I’m not a big Mitt Romney fan, he is a standard Northeast Republican, a liberal streak runs through him.  Yet again I’ll say this also, if he is the nominee, I’ll support him…bumper sticker, yard sign, etc.  Every year we hear that “this is the most important election ever”, well in this case that is true.  I’ll take a Northeast republican over the dictator wanna be, communist at heart currently putting his feet on the Oval Office desk.

Everyone seems to want to dog Romney out for being rich, for being out of touch because his wife has a couple of Cadillacs (woo hoo, my dad has a Lincoln), and a new mansion in California that has an elevator for his cars.  SO WHAT!   I watched Meet the Press this morning and they actually had a video montage of Romney’s “gaffes” about his money.  Glenn Beck has been so in the tank for Santorum, that even he and his guys were making fun of Romney for his wealth and how he couldn’t relate to normal people.  SO WHAT!  Presidents of all stripes have money, Obama has a 1.4 million dollar house in Chicago…yeah it’s a big city, but 1.4 million is a lot no matter where you are.  The other factor is you have to earn enough money to be able to pay for the darn thing.

All people are doing by ragging on Romney is playing directly into the hands of the type of Occupy Wall Street crowd, who slam the “1%ers”, and are doing their damnedest to draw a dividing line amongst the population, hence class warfare.  I’ll gladly take a guy who is unapologetically rich and wants others to be able to have the same opportunity, over a communist who wants to take as much money from those who earn it, and GIVE it to those who don’t.

Another thing, people talk about having a president they “feel like they could drink a beer with”, no thanks.  I can drink beers with my buddy downstairs.  I also don’t want a president who is some smooth talking guy who can sound good to everyone, tell great jokes…no I want a president who is smarter and more of a bore than me, who is, for a change, all business.

Anyway, our current White House occupier goes on more vacations, spends Christmases in Hawaii, and plays golf at the rate of a rich guy.  Why the heck aren’t people calling attention to that kind of stuff every day.

Yeah, I’ll take Mitt Romney any day over the dictator wanna be, communist at heart who we are currently unfortunate enough to have to call president.

Sgt. Hug


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