A Novelty

I’m all for personal freedom, as long as you aren’t hurting anyone else or putting someone else in danger.

If you want to not wear a seatbelt, so what, you shouldn’t have to wear one. If you want to ride your motorcycle without a helmet, don’t wear one. You may cause other people to worry a little about you, but if something should happen to you in either case, you won’t be physically be hurting anyone but yourself.

It is pure and simple, both of those laws were created to save insurance companies potentially big payouts. The legislatures did not come up with them because they are concerned with your well being. If the legislatures actually care about your well being, they would loosen the grip of regulations over your personal decisions. However those personal decisions can’t put other people in physical jeopardy.

Now having said that, I saw one of the most idiotic examples of a persons decision putting someone else in danger. I saw a guy at a gas station filling up his motorcycle, and he was wearing a “novelty” or “outlaw” helmet. They are nice, light weight and comfortable. However, if you are in a wreck and smash your head on the pavement, they will only keep your brains from spilling onto the road. Chances of surviving the head wound will be far slimmer. Fine and dandy, that should be his choice. Here is the kicker, his passenger was about 8 years old, barely able to reach the foot pegs…and he was also wearing a “novelty” helmet.

To reiterate, if he wants to go without a helmet, should be his choice. But this man was needlessly and stupidly putting a child in very obvious danger…the rider had to have been very aware of this, and did not seem to care.

I can say one thing…this guy should be charged with child endangerment.

Sgt. Hug

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