What a Fluke

I’m not going to make this a long article, but a short to the point one. Sandra Fluke is a hack, who it turns out is 30 and it seems specifically went to Georgetown Law School to challenge their policy. Oh, and she was president of a pro-abortion group, the Law Students for Reproductive Justice.

1. None of this is about women’s health, it’s a power play by the government, and about people wanting free stuff from the taxpayer. In this case one of the many forms of contraception available at many locations, such as city/county clinics, and planned parenthood (should be called “how do I get out of being a parent”).

2. What was Sandra’s Starbucks and cosmopolitan (drink, not magazine) bill? Cut back and pay for your own stuff.

3. Funny how the government is going to give all women free (taxpayer-funded) contraception. So, I guess men should soon start receiving free (taxpayer-funded) condoms from any store they chose to get them from…not a chance.

4. This whole thing is about getting single, and/or unthinking women to keep voting Democrat.

Rush Limbaugh was basically correct. Maybe she isn’t a slut, but she sure wants everyone else to pay for her protection during her sexual escapades while attending a $63,000 a year law school. Here is a novel idea, budget your money. If you still can’t afford it after you budget…keep your pants on or purchase an item from your local “novelty shop”.

Sgt. Hug

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