Burn Baby, Burn

So, I’ve come to this conclusion.  Let’s get out of the Middle East permanently, and let them kill each other at will, with no U.S. interference.

The most recent mayhem in Afghanistan, which has now spread to Pakistan, over the destruction of Korans by our military, is completely out of hand.  These idiots will kill and maim anyone who doesn’t believe what they believe.  They will kill Christians and burn their churches to the ground simply because they are Christian…not  Muslim.  They repeatedly attack Jews in Israel, because they aren’t Muslim.  Our military has burned our own bibles entering Afghanistan because the Muslims were concerned we were going to try to proselytize to them.  Yet when we destroy (burned) a handful of Korans because bad guys in lock up were writing messages to each other in them, the Islamic world goes crazy and starts killing because they are offended.  Seems familiar to the insanity they showed after a cartoon of Mohammed with a bomb for turban.

We have been in Afghanistan for over 10 years, shedding the blood of our troops, spending billions of dollars to get rid of bad guys.  What are the thanks?  Four of our guys get thanked by being murdered by Afghan troops because they are mad about the Koran destruction.  What else happens?  Our president and his minions are out there apologizing left and right, thinking that will help calm people down…it hasn’t, not in the slightest.  What else happens?  The Afghanistan president, Hamid Karzai, says there should be public trials of the troops who did the burning, oh, and the chief UN representative says they should be punished.  What hasn’t happened?  I haven’t heard one word expressing any type of apology for the murder of our guys…no, the book is more important.

Let’s see.  We had our embassy overrun and hostages taken by Iran.  Libyans bombed airlines.  We had peace keepers who were blown up in Lebanon.  We’ve had two wars with Iraq.  We are in the longest conflict in our nations history in Afghanistan.  We’ve had ships blown up in ports.  More embassies blown up in Africa.  We had Somalia.  The list goes on and on.  They keep doing bad things to us, yet we keep trying to be nice guys by helping get rid of their bad guys and sending them financial help.  To what?  Lost American blood, that’s it.  They have always hated us, and they will always hate us…we aren’t Muslim, and that’s all the reason they need.

Yeah, over 10 years in and this is what we get.  It’s time to pull ALL of our guys out of there.  Let’s help Israel, they have been screwed over and blamed for everything since they have been around.  After all, our country was founded on Judeo/Christian values.  The bible still has the old testament, which is the Jewish bible.  So yeah, let’s keep the faith with them.

For the rest.  Screw them all.  Let them kill and maim each other to their heart’s delight. But at the same time, we tell them if something bad comes our way, via you…we will come back and turn your country into a sheet of glass.

Sgt. Hug


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2 responses to “Burn Baby, Burn

  1. Corey

    My thoughts from a separate post:

    Afghanistan – let me get this straight, you’re too morally, structurally, and financially weak to fight for your own high ground, but you have the bravery to kill people who are present only because of your domestic shortcomings? If you’d learn to take out your own trash, last week’s pile would never have been burned.

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