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A Novelty

I’m all for personal freedom, as long as you aren’t hurting anyone else or putting someone else in danger.

If you want to not wear a seatbelt, so what, you shouldn’t have to wear one. If you want to ride your motorcycle without a helmet, don’t wear one. You may cause other people to worry a little about you, but if something should happen to you in either case, you won’t be physically be hurting anyone but yourself.

It is pure and simple, both of those laws were created to save insurance companies potentially big payouts. The legislatures did not come up with them because they are concerned with your well being. If the legislatures actually care about your well being, they would loosen the grip of regulations over your personal decisions. However those personal decisions can’t put other people in physical jeopardy.

Now having said that, I saw one of the most idiotic examples of a persons decision putting someone else in danger. I saw a guy at a gas station filling up his motorcycle, and he was wearing a “novelty” or “outlaw” helmet. They are nice, light weight and comfortable. However, if you are in a wreck and smash your head on the pavement, they will only keep your brains from spilling onto the road. Chances of surviving the head wound will be far slimmer. Fine and dandy, that should be his choice. Here is the kicker, his passenger was about 8 years old, barely able to reach the foot pegs…and he was also wearing a “novelty” helmet.

To reiterate, if he wants to go without a helmet, should be his choice. But this man was needlessly and stupidly putting a child in very obvious danger…the rider had to have been very aware of this, and did not seem to care.

I can say one thing…this guy should be charged with child endangerment.

Sgt. Hug

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Sgt. I Should Have Gotten Out

This is a topic that is being tossed all over the internet and then some.  I’ve waited a little while to see what information would come in before I made any comments.  Well, even at this point there will probably be several changes to the story, but I can’t resist any longer.

Some back story about Sgt. Robert Bales so far.  He was an investment guy who’s business went south, which according to reports is when he joined the Army.   In 2002 he was charged with assaulting his girlfriend.  A few years back he was charged with hit and run, but charges were dropped.  Supposedly he was a model soldier who joined because he was inspired by events of 9/11.  This seems to go against reports that he joined after a business went bad.  Oh, he also has a string of commendations for good conduct.  Good conduct is a laughable fact,  because all you have to do is not get caught for your misdeeds and you get the medal…I know this for fact.

So, it seems like the story/excuse for him going “insane” was financial troubles and bushes with the law.  Well join the club Sgt. Bales, a lot of people have financial problems and brushes with the law, yet don’t find it in them to massacre 16 people.

My guess is this.  He was a pissy whiner at heart and couldn’t or wouldn’t muster up the guts to deal with his problems.  He was pissed because he was on his fourth deployment to a war zone, and had recently had a fellow soldier wounded right in front of him.  Then pile on the Koran burning incident and the resulting murders of six U.S. soldiers in retaliation.  So, Sgt Bales was tossing a couple back and decided he was going to get a little payback, no matter who it was, just happens that civilians make easier targets.

Now the last I remember the military is all volunteer, re-enlistment is not mandatory.  If he hated the repeated assignments to combat zones, I have this to say…he could have simply let his enlistment expire and returned to civilian life.  Presto, no more combat.

But maybe there was something more sinister at work, maybe he went on a killing spree with the cold and calculated attitude that such an act would help hasten our departure from the country.

Well, no matter how it is spun by lawyers, shrinks, military brass, old classmates,  politicians, the simple fact is this, he is a mass murderer.  If he is found guilty,  he should end up on a gurney with needles in his arms or an electric chair.

I have noticed one very odd thing.  When a handful of Korans were burned, Afghanistan went nuts, riots, destruction and murder were rampant.  Yet when 16 civilians, mostly women and children, were murdered…not one riot or any out of control chaos has been mentioned.  Let’s you know what is really important in Afghanistan.  It also lets you know what wasn’t important to Sgt. Bales, his wife and kids.

Sgt. Hug


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What a Fluke

I’m not going to make this a long article, but a short to the point one. Sandra Fluke is a hack, who it turns out is 30 and it seems specifically went to Georgetown Law School to challenge their policy. Oh, and she was president of a pro-abortion group, the Law Students for Reproductive Justice.

1. None of this is about women’s health, it’s a power play by the government, and about people wanting free stuff from the taxpayer. In this case one of the many forms of contraception available at many locations, such as city/county clinics, and planned parenthood (should be called “how do I get out of being a parent”).

2. What was Sandra’s Starbucks and cosmopolitan (drink, not magazine) bill? Cut back and pay for your own stuff.

3. Funny how the government is going to give all women free (taxpayer-funded) contraception. So, I guess men should soon start receiving free (taxpayer-funded) condoms from any store they chose to get them from…not a chance.

4. This whole thing is about getting single, and/or unthinking women to keep voting Democrat.

Rush Limbaugh was basically correct. Maybe she isn’t a slut, but she sure wants everyone else to pay for her protection during her sexual escapades while attending a $63,000 a year law school. Here is a novel idea, budget your money. If you still can’t afford it after you budget…keep your pants on or purchase an item from your local “novelty shop”.

Sgt. Hug

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Not Irreversible

The NY Giants finished the regular season 9 and 7…that is a 56% winning ratio, yet they went on to win the Super Bowl.  A mediocre team was able to pull out the big win out of a ho-hum regular season.

Now to the election in November.  Obama has had a miserable presidency, twice the increase in debt in half of the time that Bush had.  Obamacare that most people don’t like.  Injecting himself into small situations to try to make himself look good.  And the other day he tried to liken himself to Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.  These are just the tip of the iceberg.

The Republicans seem to have put up a bunch of candidates of which it seems, the public aren’t really fans of.  I have spent a lot of time beating up BO for his sorry run as president, which is deserved, but November will be the test on who I beat up on in the future.

I blame the fact we have BO on the media for a complete lack of vetting, that the public didn’t really know what they were getting, and they didn’t.  But the next election I might have to change my mind.  This country is so high on spending, a lot of which goes into the pockets of people who don’t pay federal income taxes.  Subsidies for business that would tank without the help of federal (taxpayer) dollars, such as ethanol and solar (Solyndra).  The list goes on and on.

Next election though, if BO wins the White House again, I will turn my anger to the public.  People in this country have become so used to sucking on the government boob, that it seems like they will elect anyone who continues feeding them.  If BO is reelected that will mean one thing, that the population at large is refusing to give up the boob, even if it means the system will fall apart, as it has in Greece, and how it is going in Italy and Spain.  A lot of people can’t think beyond the day in front of them, and most of the same people don’t pay any attention to society or politics until campaign time.  At that point all they hear are endless talking points, and are clueless to what is actually going on.

Now if a Republican wins, that will send me a message that the population as a whole doesn’t like the path the country is on, and they want to make an effort at fixing it.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not in the tank for all Republicans, Congress under GW were a bunch of drunken spenders, and GW never vetoed anything.  But I would like to think the light speed BO is spending money has really brought the fiscal problems to the front.

Though I am not a real fan of any of the Republican candidates, I will vote for the nominee, if for anything, as a vote against BO.  I just hope the rest of the voters who aren’t fans of the nominees will do the same.  I truly believe if BO gets another four years the country may well be on an irreversible course.

A long story shorter, don’t let BO become the NY Giants (though the Giants had a better record).

Sgt. Hug

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Burn Baby, Burn

So, I’ve come to this conclusion.  Let’s get out of the Middle East permanently, and let them kill each other at will, with no U.S. interference.

The most recent mayhem in Afghanistan, which has now spread to Pakistan, over the destruction of Korans by our military, is completely out of hand.  These idiots will kill and maim anyone who doesn’t believe what they believe.  They will kill Christians and burn their churches to the ground simply because they are Christian…not  Muslim.  They repeatedly attack Jews in Israel, because they aren’t Muslim.  Our military has burned our own bibles entering Afghanistan because the Muslims were concerned we were going to try to proselytize to them.  Yet when we destroy (burned) a handful of Korans because bad guys in lock up were writing messages to each other in them, the Islamic world goes crazy and starts killing because they are offended.  Seems familiar to the insanity they showed after a cartoon of Mohammed with a bomb for turban.

We have been in Afghanistan for over 10 years, shedding the blood of our troops, spending billions of dollars to get rid of bad guys.  What are the thanks?  Four of our guys get thanked by being murdered by Afghan troops because they are mad about the Koran destruction.  What else happens?  Our president and his minions are out there apologizing left and right, thinking that will help calm people down…it hasn’t, not in the slightest.  What else happens?  The Afghanistan president, Hamid Karzai, says there should be public trials of the troops who did the burning, oh, and the chief UN representative says they should be punished.  What hasn’t happened?  I haven’t heard one word expressing any type of apology for the murder of our guys…no, the book is more important.

Let’s see.  We had our embassy overrun and hostages taken by Iran.  Libyans bombed airlines.  We had peace keepers who were blown up in Lebanon.  We’ve had two wars with Iraq.  We are in the longest conflict in our nations history in Afghanistan.  We’ve had ships blown up in ports.  More embassies blown up in Africa.  We had Somalia.  The list goes on and on.  They keep doing bad things to us, yet we keep trying to be nice guys by helping get rid of their bad guys and sending them financial help.  To what?  Lost American blood, that’s it.  They have always hated us, and they will always hate us…we aren’t Muslim, and that’s all the reason they need.

Yeah, over 10 years in and this is what we get.  It’s time to pull ALL of our guys out of there.  Let’s help Israel, they have been screwed over and blamed for everything since they have been around.  After all, our country was founded on Judeo/Christian values.  The bible still has the old testament, which is the Jewish bible.  So yeah, let’s keep the faith with them.

For the rest.  Screw them all.  Let them kill and maim each other to their heart’s delight. But at the same time, we tell them if something bad comes our way, via you…we will come back and turn your country into a sheet of glass.

Sgt. Hug


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