Nice Try

So, Mitt Romney is the lead guy right now, lucky us.

Four years ago Mitt lost in the primaries to John McCain, who in turn was trounced by BO. Not only did McCain get trounced, but it was by a guy with zero history, well, a history that wasn’t reported on.

So, four years later Romney is still trying to convince people how conservative he is. Wouldn’t one think that after four years that stage would be long over?

Now, I’m not a huge fan of the others either. Looking at the Republican field makes me wonder “is the best we can do?”

I’ll say this out front, I’ll vote for the nominee, though maybe holding my nose the whole time.

It’s simple, if BO gets reelected after his disastrous, dictator light, presidency, the country will get exactly what it deserves…closer to looking like Greece.

Sgt. Hug

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  1. GGMac

    Great job, Dave – as usual. You have a gift for saying what needs to be said, and doing it without clutter!

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