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No Pain, No Gain

OK, I’m not an economist, but I am a thinker. This ridiculous debt “super committee” can’t seem to get out of their own way. Both sides blocking each other, appears no one really wants a deal. So, now we have a “super committee”, which has done one thing so far…taken the best and brightest (insert gagging sounds) from a useless congress and made a super useless committee.

They continue to look at cutting this and cutting that, no one wants their pet projects or favorite programs cut. If they can’t decide on anything they should do this…cut EVERYTHING by 10%. 10% could be cut easily, the wasted spending and unnecessary procurement of our dollars is rampant. Here is a good example, the city of Columbia, MO has received well over 20 million dollars of federal funding to promote “non motorized” transportation…in other words, feet and bicycles. Talk about stupid.

And they keep talking about needing “increased revenue”, well that could come in the form of getting rid of some deductions. How about this, for one tax year NO ONE gets to write off anything, no work clothes, no mortgage, no kids, no charitable contributions (I don’t get this, are you donating for the cause or for the write-off)…nothing.

Along with a permanent 10% across the board cut by the federal government (states without a balanced budget in their constitutions should follow suit), and a one year moratorium on write-offs, would go a long way. I don’t have any figures on how much money would flow back into Washington, but it would be a lot, and every penny of it would have to go to paying down the debt.

The only way we are going to get out of this mess is for EVERYONE to feel some pain. Not some “super committee” picking and choosing who will feel that pain…based on their personal preferences.

Oh, and I forgot one major item. If congress and their drunken spending is how we got into this mess, and they routinely hav a 9% approval rating, then why the hell do we continue to re-elect the same inept knuckleheads every two and six years? Fire every stinking incumbent next November…which leads to another topic.

Sgt. Hug

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No Words to Describe

This Penn State nightmare is more disturbing on many levels than I care to imagine.

1. You have an assistant coach who was caught in the act of sodomizing a 10 year old boy in the shower room at the stadium.

2. What did the chicken shit who witnessed it do? Calls his mother and then reports it the next day. Why the hell didn’t this former football player immediately beat Sandusky into a coma?

3. Once officials were notified what did they do? Well, they didn’t report it to the police, they turned a blind eye and told Sandusky not to bring underage boys to the field anymore.

4. Over the past weekend the story broke on the national stage, and when it was clear high up people, including Joe Paterno, knew what happened…we got a lot of talk.

5. People assemble to support their legendary coach, but the controversy leads him to decide to retire at the end of the season.

6. I get coffee at work and see on TV, ESPN pundits discussing the situation. Here is the bad part, Kirk Herbstreit is actually defending Paterno staying on until the end of the season. This jerk off, Herbstreit, was concerned about the poor players losing their coach with only three games left, and it affecting their chance at a title. What kind of a twisted bastard is this Herbstreit.

7. Later I hear from the next shift manager, that Paterno and the university president were both fired. Amen, it only took almost three days AFTER everyone found out Paterno knew about it, for him to lose his job.

8. I get home from work at midnight to see on the news that a couple hundred students were protesting Paterno being fired. It was a peaceful gathering though, only a handful of smashed windows and a news van turned over.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with our culture? Winning is so important that an assistant coach who had been sodomizing boys for years is given a pass. A media that is more worried about the players losing their coach, and students rioting in support the “legendary” head coach when he is finally fired.

How about that boy in the shower room, how about the seven others that we know about? Anyone seem to be overly concerned with what they endured? Nope, we have to win! And we can’t mar the career of our legendary coach. Guess what Joe, you are going out in disgrace…well maybe not in the minds of the sports media and your loser students.

If I was the father of one of those boys, I would make sure Sandusky had to eat from a feeding tube for the rest of his life…and maybe a few others would sustain some collateral damage.

Now to go scrub my brain.

Sgt. Hug


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