We Don’t Need No Stinking Investigation

Whether or not you agree we should have been involved in Libya, spending a billion dollars in the process, doesn’t matter now…it’s a done deal.

What I find interesting is we (NATO…which is we) spent over six months bombing, many time deliberately targeting Qadaffis’ compound, or other areas we thought he might be located. So we and the French attack a convoy (that we supposedly didn’t know had Qadaffi as a passenger), the convoy goes boom, and Qadaffi runs and finds a drainage pipe to hide in. When the rebels found him, they paraded him around, then put a bullet in his head…end of story. That bullet saved an obscene amount of money and many years of a pointless trial/circus at the Hague (waste).

So what happens now, the U.N. decides there needs to be an investigation of his death, and Hillary Clinton just agreed with that on Meet the Press. Brilliant.

Nope, no investigation needed, he died a fitting and recorded end.

Sgt. Hug

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One response to “We Don’t Need No Stinking Investigation

  1. Rachel Reed

    No kidding! One bullet, $.07, end of story! Now if only we could apply this attitude to every piece of scum who pled guilty and is sitting on death row. Save a lot of time and money!

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