Labor Pains

Labor Day started in 1882, in New York. It was first observed by the Central Labor Union. It was observed by several states, but was rushed through by Grover Cleveland to make it a national holiday. This was done to appease and pacify the unions after the military and U.S. Marshals killed some workers during clashes surrounding the Pullman Strike (unions vs railroads) in Pullman, Illinois.

So what we really have is a day where no one in government works, and virtually no one in private industry…all in the name of socialism. Yes, I said it, socialism. Labor Day is the U.S. version of May Day, and May Day is a favorite in every country below the Texas border, and really popular in Russia. I bet the people in SEIU (service employees international union) and all of the teachers and “students” who protested in Wisconsin REALLY love it. Labor Day is probably like Christmas and Easter rolled into one for Barack Obama.

Ronald Reagan (yes, I know he was head of the screen actors guild for a while…but he left) fired the striking air traffic control workers when they did not heed his call for them to report to work…good for him. Barack Obama had Andy Stern, the head of SEIU, to the White House 22 times (the most frequent guest) in his first six months in office. Enough said.

I’m quite certain most people in this country could care less about celebrating the worker, it’s just another three day weekend. We start the summer season memorializing the people who have given their lives ensuring our freedom, and we end it by celebrating socialism.

I think we should change the name to “end of summer ______” (people fill in the blank) or simply get rid of the holiday. It wouldn’t break my heart in the slightest if we had no Labor Day.

But for now, I’ll take advantage of the day off and perform some labor around the house.

Sgt. Hug

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