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Back in 2004, Michele Bachmann had some choice words on how she felt about gays.  No problem there, this is still a free country and you can basically say what you want.  But when you are in the public eye everything you say is being recorded in voice or video…and you better bet that it will come back to revisit you later, well, that is if you are a republican.

On Meet the Press this past Sunday, David Gregory interviewed Representative Bachmann and had a “gotcha” question for her.  First he played the audio of her comments about gays, then he proceeded to ask her, should she win the election, if she would ever appoint an openly gay person to her cabinet.  Her answer was that she would appoint people who upheld the constitution and subscribed to her views.  That wasn’t good enough for Gregory, he badgered and hammered on that question about five different ways.  First off I’m willing to bet the vast majority of gay people are liberal and wouldn’t want to work for her in the first place, so the question was really stupid.  Second, how different would it be if he had asked her if she would ever appoint a pro-choice person to her administration, or if she would appoint a person who believes in raising taxes.  Why on earth would anyone consider appointing a person who is opposed to, and possibly work against your core beliefs.

It really is pathetic how blatant the media is in its efforts to tar and feather conservatives, while leaving their own party alone.  How many people during the 2008 presidential campaign ever heard about BO’s fondness for communists in his college years?  How about the fact that his mother cultural Marxist.  Did anyone ever ask him if he would appoint a person who against gays to his administration?  How about the fact that his campaign kick off/fundraiser was held in Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn’s house…people who were flat-out domestic terrorists in the 70’s (look up Weather Underground, it was them).   I could go on and on with examples of the pass the media gave him.

How about this gem.  BO says to George Stephanopoulos “My Muslim faith”, what does Georgie boy do?  He corrects him and says “Your Christian faith”.

Point is this, Republicans have to watch how and what they say.  If it’s a core belief they won’t compromise on, so be it, but they better be prepared to back up what they say, rather than trying to put a spin on it to appease the likes of David Gregory.  The liberal media will do anything it can to smear and paint conservatives in a bad light…espcially conservative women.

Sgt. Hug

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