The Gall

I plan on spending $30,000 on a new vehicle next year…a $30,000 spending increase.  But wait, I decide to by a $25,000 car instead…in the mind of Congress that’s a $5,000 cut!  Do politicians really think we are that dumb?!  Apparently so, because the bill that just past the house doesn’t cut anything, it only reduces the size of increases.

Here’s an idea, instead of nit-picking over what does and doesn’t get cut, cut everything 10%, and I mean everything.  And actually cut it, don’t lessen the amount of the increase and call it a cut…just cut, cut, cut.  Put out the edict to the department heads to make it happen, and report back with their cuts.  My dad and I discussed this approach the other day, and we think it would be best.

As far as the stupid notion of “increased revenue”, or plain person speak, tax increases…no dice.  The morons in Washington got us into this mess by spending like it was other people’s money (oh wait, it was other people’s money…ours), then they expect we should pay our “fair share” or “shared sacrifice” to help reduce the deficit.  Talk about gall.

Here is what I think, almost every Representative and Senator past their first term needs to be voted out.  A good start would be John McCain, Harry Reid, Lindsey Graham, Claire McCaskill, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi…just to name a few off the top of my head.

The only people in Washington who are actually trying to make a stand on their principles are the Tea Party Republicans…and honestly, the Tea Party should seriously think about becoming their own party, as the old guard Republicans don’t like them anyway because they actually stand for something.

Sgt. Hug


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6 responses to “The Gall

  1. Corey

    So, Maxine Waters did not come to mind? Can she stay ? 🙂

    One idea is that the budget is balanced every year, and that budget cannot exceed the prior year’s revenue.

  2. Cary

    Hey Hug. I’m finally getting around to your blog. I read an article recently about the “debt crisis” and one line stood out to me and made my head spin a little bit. I can’t remember exactly but it said something like the government needs to borrow money to pay it’s bills. OK….so trying to sort that statement in my head I thought…You need to use money….that you borrowed and have to pay back to pay for bills???? Sooooo….I don’t have money to pay my bills, so I am going to borrow money…….that I have to pay back to pay bills I didn’t have money to pay in the first place. How am I ever going to pay back the money I borrowed when I didn’t have money to pay the bills to start with…..I noticed I am repeating myself, but it’s hard to keep straight.
    I agree with 10% across the boards. If you raise the debt ceiling by 1 trillion and cut 1 trillion isn’t the net effect $0 cut. anywho…….Frickin liberal are insane.

  3. GGMac

    Your 10% plan sounds like a good start – as does voting almost all of them out. Way too many of them should just plain be removed on the grounds they’re domestic enemies of the Constitution.

    As for a balanced budget amendment – I’ve always thought it a no-brainer, BUT someone said the other day that it would be an open door for libs to go nuts: “..Taxes HAVE to be raised in order to meet the balanced budget requirement!!!” No doubt about it – they’d raise taxes every year!

    GOOD article!
    GOOD article!

  4. GGMac

    Great gravatar, by the way!

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