Religion of Pieces (revised)

****Since first writing this, when the news said a Muslim group claimed responsibility, it now appears to be the work of a nut job of the highest order.  So, I  scratched Oslo from the list of atrocities, but the rest speak for themselves.   Now watch the story change again.  I did what I always rag on the media for doing…printing early stuff before the full story is in.

Beirut (embassy and Marine barracks), World Trade Center x 2, USS Cole, American embassies in Africa, London, Madrid, Bali, Mumbai, Russia, UN Compounds, Theo Van Gogh (knifed in broad daylight), the shoe bomber, the underwear bomber, world-wide attacks against Christian churches, the never-ending assault against Israel…the list goe on and on.

When will people put political correctness to bed and face the fact that the “Religion of peace” is not even close to that description.  It was born and grew out of warfare, intimidation and slaughter…and it continues the same practices 1,400 years later.

The civilized world and Islam have never been, and never will be compatible.  A religion and culture are at war with everyone who is not them, and the sooner people face that fact, the sooner we can take actual steps to win the war.  Until then, we will just continue to be easy targets.

Sgt. Hug

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