Cemetery Ridge

I think the House did a fine job on Tuesday by passing real legislation.  Instead of talk talk talk, they acted.  Naturally BO has to be mr. negative with the following line…”We don’t have any more time to engage in symbolic gestures. We don’t have any  more time to posture”.  I find this particularly funny, because that’s all the knucklehead does is posture, from his little prance up stairs, to his raised chin, to flapping his gums about everything.  But I digress.

We have one problem, three different Republican plans out there all at once, the House (which I like), McConnell (which I don’t like), and the stupid “gang of six” and their trillion-dollar tax increase (I don’t like).  Funny how the reunited “gang of six” comes out with their new plan on the day the House is set to vote on Cut, Cap and Balance.  As usual the Republicans can’t seem to get out of their own way, disjointed, competing plans, etc..  All I need to hear is that the president likes the “gang of six” plan, and I know it is a bad one.

Here is the deal.  The House is the one that had a the largest shift in power in 70 years, not the Senate.  The house controls the purse strings, not the Senate or the president.  The Republicans were swept back into power in the House for one reason…because people are sick of the fiscal insanity and government overreach that has been on display for a long time, and that has grown at a break neck speed under BO.  They were elected to clean things up and get our financial house in order.

The Tuesday vote, the upcoming debate and more White House meetings leads to this…the Republicans MUST hold their ground.  They already had one bad turn with the continuing resolutions and getting a measly 30 billion in cuts, when they campaigned on 100 billion.  This is their Cemetery Ridge at Gettysburg, if they don’t hold the line, if they become weak and cave to the Senate or Prezbo, and are overrun…they are done.  I would rather see a strengthened Republican party, one that actually practices some form of conservatism instead of Democrat lite.  But if they can’t keep their promises, it might be time to seriously consider a third-party.

I do have one thing that does give me some comfort, the rep for MO 9th district, Blaine Luektemeyer, votes solid conservative…and he voted for the Cut, Cap, and Balance.

Sgt. Hug


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2 responses to “Cemetery Ridge

  1. GGMac

    This is a really good and informative article!

    This “gang of (six, this time)” tactic looks more and more like a gang of RINOs on the presidential payroll – as if somewhere up his sleeve the Obie must have a “Gang Czar”.

  2. Corey

    I will disagree. The most important aspect to be covered right now is the debt ceiling, not the diatribe associated with spending cuts.

    During post-World War II, the primary driver for the growth in the value of the US $ was the Marshall Plan. The Marshall Plan to rebuild war torn countries was paid for in US$. Countries had to buy or borrow US $. So, there was a constant and growing demand for dollars. Constant demand with equal supply equals higher value in comparison to other currencies. The next driving factor was our tremendous growth.

    People used to want to hold US$, now they do not. They can hold US debt, and get paid in US$ returns then use those dollars to pay for US goods—no loss in currency. Now, the only two things we have are (a) relative growth, and (b) full faith and credit of the United States Government. This statement on both macro and micro-economic levels is an UNCONDITIONAL guarantee. That means all other issues take a back-seat to our ability to guarantee payment. They will come to terms, but in the meantime markets will drop precipitously in the coming days while the Beavis-population of Congress grandstands with fancy signs like Schumer and Reid just did at 3pm Eastern time. The net effect is that markets will fall, creating temporary uncertainty, continuing the trend of less than full-employment, while at the same time the value of the US$ will subside and we would have to pay more via higher interest rates to continue to float securities to fund our debt. The only time this is a good combination is for exports, but we do not manufacture anything of scale anymore, and no one will want to invest to take advantage of exports, so that it is a non-starter benefit.

    Unfortunately, this has long since evolved to the same argument that election year campaigns state for oil — national independence. We owe someone to get what we need (or want). As such, they have us by the short-curlies.

    The micro-equivalent is if you were a complete moron like the Federal Govt and spent every dollar you had on paying your credit cards, but did think to have enough of a bi-weekly reserve to save money for your kids. In that case, spending is not important, being able to CONTINUE to spend to sustain is the pressing topic.

    This plays directly into the Democrats’ hands, and don’t think for a minute this is not part of a well-contrived strategy. By not accepting a short term extension, this puts spend topics out into the future, and that will be after November elections. The next time debt ceilings will come into play is not until after the 2012 Presidential election cycle.

    Boehner is right, but his poker hand is all jokers. His bluff is soon to be lost and he will be all tears in front of the news cameras.

    My theory – “Solo”

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