Too funny, Eric Cantor gets a little tough with the president, and BO huffs and puffs and walks out of a debt ceiling meeting…he can’t handle the slightest bit of dissent.

The president will not take any shouted out questions at a press conference…he will only take scripted questions. Reason being he has proven when HE goes off script he is a bumbling fool.

Neither are surprising. BO was used to getting his way his whole adult life. For two years he had a senate and house dominated by slobbering yes men/women. He has always had the vast majority of main stream media drooling at his feet, lobbing softball questions, and giving him a complete pass.

But now he has proven himself to be so completely incompetent, with skin as thin and transparent as a jellyfish, that some reporters are actually asking mildly tough questions, and BO can’t handle heat, hence the scripted questions.

Anyway, I for one am thoroughly enjoying his slow fall from grace. I knew what this hack was all about before the 2008 election…too bad all of the wishy washy fence sitters and worshipers couldn’t see what I, and many others could.

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  1. GGMac

    Just arrived at our house…a book about Obama, nay, about The Won…titled “Whiny Little Bitch”. 🙂

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