One Bad Apple

I was just watching Electric Company with the kids. The episode was about a guy who had to write a paper for a writing course, the word he had to base the story off was “refrigerator”.  With the help of one of his friends they decided the story would be a western set in a refrigerator, with food items being the characters.  So far so good (well lame, but it is a kids show).

In this town people are only allowed to say positive words (you don’t want to offend or hurt anyones feelings).  Along comes an apple who only has negative things to say, words like “rotten”, “miserable”, “lousy”.  All of the other food items are offended and hurt, and they can’t wait for the sheriff to get back in town so he can run off the spewer of evil negative words.

Once the sheriff gets back to town the solution is to have a word out (no shoot out), and the loser (oops, negative) has to leave town.  Naturally the kind talking sheriff wins the word out and the bad apple has to leave town.  The town folk bid the apple farewell with nice positive words, and the apple is stunned they still had nice things to say to him, even after all of the negative things he has said.  The apple then says some positive words about the town and it’s residents, and maybe he would come back some day, and the town folk said that would be OK.

I don’t have a problem with teaching kids about using kind words, but this episode was really all about teaching intolerance.  As usual with liberals they talk a great game, they put “co-exist” bumper stickers on their cars and say they want nicey nicey.  But when it comes down to it they are totally intolerant of speech that goes against their thinking.

The first amendment is not about protecting speech we all like, it’s about protecting speech we don’t like.  It is there to enable people to speak negatively if they so desire, and to prevent the government from quelling that speech.  But if you are in an Electric Company town, you must say nice things they agree with, or pack up and leave town.

The best part, as you all know, Electric Company is a PBS show.  So some of our tax dollars are going to spread the word of intolerance.  Yet liberals will never admit, and will argue to the contrary, that government-funded PBS or NPR don’t have a liberal agenda.

Sgt. Hug



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2 responses to “One Bad Apple

  1. GGMac

    Doesn’t this remind you of the years-ago treatment of Dr. Laura and her conservative-thinking syndicated radio show, and of the very recent treatment of Glenn Beck. If the “tolerant”, “loving” libs don’t like what you say, out come the tar and feathers.

  2. Rachel Reed

    However in your post “Cemetary Ridge” you had a much different stance on negativity stating “Naturally BO has to be mr. negative with the following line…”
    I don’t think this show was promoting intolerance by kicking out the apple. Was the apple telling other veggies that the fridge smelled “rotten” and they should work together to clean it. Was he commenting that there was a “lousy” latch on the door letting out all the cold air? Or was he negatively calling people and their actions lousy, rotten, miserable, etc… My guess is the latter.
    They did not kick him out of town because he disagreed with their beliefs, they kicked him out because he dealt with his disagreements in the wrong way. Just as a parent that disagreed with a coach’s call would be asked to pipe down and deal with it with maturity. Just as a man who killed an unfaithful wife would be punsished with jail time because he dealt with the problem in the wrong way. And how is it we are supposed to support more conservative views in children’s television programs? Cartoons about war and blowing up abortion clinics? My take is that you see these views as being liberal, however teaching something like being “nicey, nicey” is actually common sense. Especially in the age of kids being so damn mean to eachother that kids are committing suicide over bullying.

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