Dictator in Chief

President BO has been sticking his thumb in the eye of Congress with the continued hostilities in Libya, well past the deadline set by the War Powers Act, and Congress has done nothing about it (other than vote against it, yet continue funding).   Now I read in the news that BO and gang are looking into ways they can circumvent Congress, and raise the debt limit on their own, without Congress being involved.

If BO does this, and raises the debt limit with a back channel move, he will officially become the dictator he has wanted all along…and we will be one step closer to losing our republic.  If BO continues these unchecked actions, and he wins a second term, all hope will be lost, and we will all get what we deserve.  Let’s hope the republicans can put up a candidate to unseat BO, the agitator.

Sgt. Hug


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4 responses to “Dictator in Chief

  1. pete

    so what’s new!

  2. GGMac

    Excellent first post!

    And how right you are…

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