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Oh Poo

I would seem weird that a person could be so excited about poop, but I am.  Not in the way a dog likes poop out of the litter box, or in the way Critical Bill liked it in “Things to do in Denver when you’re Dead”, or the way Kyle on Southpark found comfort with Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo.  None of those at all, but the excitement when the kid starts pooping on his own, and your diaper duty has been cut in half.  When the odds of having to dig through diapers looking for hearing aid batteries have been cut in half….that’s what I’m talking about.

Yes, it’s the little things, or big if you have ever had diapers to change on a regular basis, that make me happy.  I will REALLY be excited when the girl learns the trick and diaper duty is over…and the associated cost.

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Religion of Pieces (revised)

****Since first writing this, when the news said a Muslim group claimed responsibility, it now appears to be the work of a nut job of the highest order.  So, I  scratched Oslo from the list of atrocities, but the rest speak for themselves.   Now watch the story change again.  I did what I always rag on the media for doing…printing early stuff before the full story is in.

Beirut (embassy and Marine barracks), World Trade Center x 2, USS Cole, American embassies in Africa, London, Madrid, Bali, Mumbai, Russia, UN Compounds, Theo Van Gogh (knifed in broad daylight), the shoe bomber, the underwear bomber, world-wide attacks against Christian churches, the never-ending assault against Israel…the list goe on and on.

When will people put political correctness to bed and face the fact that the “Religion of peace” is not even close to that description.  It was born and grew out of warfare, intimidation and slaughter…and it continues the same practices 1,400 years later.

The civilized world and Islam have never been, and never will be compatible.  A religion and culture are at war with everyone who is not them, and the sooner people face that fact, the sooner we can take actual steps to win the war.  Until then, we will just continue to be easy targets.

Sgt. Hug

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Cemetery Ridge

I think the House did a fine job on Tuesday by passing real legislation.  Instead of talk talk talk, they acted.  Naturally BO has to be mr. negative with the following line…”We don’t have any more time to engage in symbolic gestures. We don’t have any  more time to posture”.  I find this particularly funny, because that’s all the knucklehead does is posture, from his little prance up stairs, to his raised chin, to flapping his gums about everything.  But I digress.

We have one problem, three different Republican plans out there all at once, the House (which I like), McConnell (which I don’t like), and the stupid “gang of six” and their trillion-dollar tax increase (I don’t like).  Funny how the reunited “gang of six” comes out with their new plan on the day the House is set to vote on Cut, Cap and Balance.  As usual the Republicans can’t seem to get out of their own way, disjointed, competing plans, etc..  All I need to hear is that the president likes the “gang of six” plan, and I know it is a bad one.

Here is the deal.  The House is the one that had a the largest shift in power in 70 years, not the Senate.  The house controls the purse strings, not the Senate or the president.  The Republicans were swept back into power in the House for one reason…because people are sick of the fiscal insanity and government overreach that has been on display for a long time, and that has grown at a break neck speed under BO.  They were elected to clean things up and get our financial house in order.

The Tuesday vote, the upcoming debate and more White House meetings leads to this…the Republicans MUST hold their ground.  They already had one bad turn with the continuing resolutions and getting a measly 30 billion in cuts, when they campaigned on 100 billion.  This is their Cemetery Ridge at Gettysburg, if they don’t hold the line, if they become weak and cave to the Senate or Prezbo, and are overrun…they are done.  I would rather see a strengthened Republican party, one that actually practices some form of conservatism instead of Democrat lite.  But if they can’t keep their promises, it might be time to seriously consider a third-party.

I do have one thing that does give me some comfort, the rep for MO 9th district, Blaine Luektemeyer, votes solid conservative…and he voted for the Cut, Cap, and Balance.

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Too funny, Eric Cantor gets a little tough with the president, and BO huffs and puffs and walks out of a debt ceiling meeting…he can’t handle the slightest bit of dissent.

The president will not take any shouted out questions at a press conference…he will only take scripted questions. Reason being he has proven when HE goes off script he is a bumbling fool.

Neither are surprising. BO was used to getting his way his whole adult life. For two years he had a senate and house dominated by slobbering yes men/women. He has always had the vast majority of main stream media drooling at his feet, lobbing softball questions, and giving him a complete pass.

But now he has proven himself to be so completely incompetent, with skin as thin and transparent as a jellyfish, that some reporters are actually asking mildly tough questions, and BO can’t handle heat, hence the scripted questions.

Anyway, I for one am thoroughly enjoying his slow fall from grace. I knew what this hack was all about before the 2008 election…too bad all of the wishy washy fence sitters and worshipers couldn’t see what I, and many others could.

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One Bad Apple

I was just watching Electric Company with the kids. The episode was about a guy who had to write a paper for a writing course, the word he had to base the story off was “refrigerator”.  With the help of one of his friends they decided the story would be a western set in a refrigerator, with food items being the characters.  So far so good (well lame, but it is a kids show).

In this town people are only allowed to say positive words (you don’t want to offend or hurt anyones feelings).  Along comes an apple who only has negative things to say, words like “rotten”, “miserable”, “lousy”.  All of the other food items are offended and hurt, and they can’t wait for the sheriff to get back in town so he can run off the spewer of evil negative words.

Once the sheriff gets back to town the solution is to have a word out (no shoot out), and the loser (oops, negative) has to leave town.  Naturally the kind talking sheriff wins the word out and the bad apple has to leave town.  The town folk bid the apple farewell with nice positive words, and the apple is stunned they still had nice things to say to him, even after all of the negative things he has said.  The apple then says some positive words about the town and it’s residents, and maybe he would come back some day, and the town folk said that would be OK.

I don’t have a problem with teaching kids about using kind words, but this episode was really all about teaching intolerance.  As usual with liberals they talk a great game, they put “co-exist” bumper stickers on their cars and say they want nicey nicey.  But when it comes down to it they are totally intolerant of speech that goes against their thinking.

The first amendment is not about protecting speech we all like, it’s about protecting speech we don’t like.  It is there to enable people to speak negatively if they so desire, and to prevent the government from quelling that speech.  But if you are in an Electric Company town, you must say nice things they agree with, or pack up and leave town.

The best part, as you all know, Electric Company is a PBS show.  So some of our tax dollars are going to spread the word of intolerance.  Yet liberals will never admit, and will argue to the contrary, that government-funded PBS or NPR don’t have a liberal agenda.

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In the Waiting Line

This isn’t really a big deal, but I found it amusing and irritating at the same time.

I’m standing in the checkout lane at Wal-Mart with a cart about half full, when this guy walks up and starts invading my space a bit. As I am ignoring him he asks “Sir, could I go in front of you, I only have a couple of things”. I turn around and he is in his early 20’s, juggling/balancing about eight items. Looking him straight in the face I say “Well, if I let you in front of me, and every person who walks up who asks the same thing, I’ll be here all night”. He says in a particularly sheepish to girlish voice “It’s just me”. Being the kind hearted person I am, I turned around and made him wait.

Now, because this kid was too stupid to grab a basket as he walked in, therefore causing him to struggle with his handful of items…somehow I need to accommodate that stupidity by letting him get ahead of me in line. This kid clearly hasn’t spent a day in the military…a place in line is like gold. Trust me when I say, I have witnessed epic fights over a place in the chow line before.

Anyway, people out there, if you make the tragic mistake of not using the store provided basket, suck it up. And sure as hell don’t whine to me about it.

Full disclosure, if he had been a senior citizen, or a very attractive female, I would have let them go in front of me.

This is also the first post from my phone, while I’m lying in bed…when I should be sleeping.

Sgt. Hug

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Never Let a Crisis go to Waste

It’s always a crisis of biblical proportions.

TARP, if we don’t pass it the sky will fall and the country will collapse…it passed and the gov. promptly lost over 300 billion…poof, nowhere to be found.   Did it fix things, are we better off?

Bailout of GM, the gov. took 51% ownership of the company.  Did it fix things, are we better off?

Stimulus, 800 billion pork bill that would save the country.  What happened?  Unemployment went up and has yet to come down.  Oh, and each job created by the stimulus package cost taxpayers 278,000 dollars.  Did if fix things, are we better off?

Cash for clunkers, 4,500 dollar rebate for people to trade in their “junk” cars for new ones.  Cost hundreds of millions of dollars.  Did it fix things, are we better off?

Cash for caulkers…too ridiculous to even expound upon.  Needless to say it didn’t fix things, and we are not better off.

No budget, and one continuing spending resolution after another.  Did it fix things, are we better off?

How could I forget the lame ass republicans.  Campaign = 100 million in cuts.  Vote for 60 million in cuts.  Settle for 30 million in cuts.  Did it fix things, are we better off?

Now we have the debt ceiling, if we don’t increase our debt limit we will default and the world will fall apart.  I stinking doubt it!

The jerk offs in our government must think we are idiots.   Scare, scare, scare, that’s the only tactic they know, and they use it well.  Now the republicans are talking about compromise on increased “revenues”…oh wait, that means taxes.  These A-holes better hold the line and not vote for an increase in the debt limit. It’s all smoke and mirrors, a fake crisis like all of the others.  There are more ways this government could save money than you can shake a stick at, yet they won’t do it.  I’ll attack these areas of savings in a not so future post.

Well, I have to sign off, as I am about to reach the limit on my credit card (which is already tough to pay), so I think I’ll beg the credit card company to increase my spending limit…so I can accrue more debt that I can’t pay for.  Ahhh, if the morons in the government actually had to balance their budgets and control spending like the rest of us, we might not be in bad shape…oh wait, they don’t have to worry about it, they will just TAX (increase revenue) us to pay for their irresponsibility.

Bottom line, the government isn’t the answer to anything, the private sector is the answer.  All the government succeeds in accomplishing is making ALL tax paying citizens slaves, working our asses off to pay for their lack of control in spending.  But hey, it’s easy to spend someone else’s money.

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Got Murder?

Is Casey Anthony guilty of murdering her two-year old daughter?  No one knows for sure.  I did not hang on every second of this trial, but even a lay person like myself could see it would be hard to convict without DNA proof, eyewitness proof, video proof, fingerprints, etc.  My gut says she did it, all the bizarre behavior, changing stories, outright lies to the police, partying with friends while her daughter was missing…for 31 days before being reported as such.  But unfortunately, the hard evidence wasn’t there.  Warts and all, the justice system worked just like it is supposed to, the burden of proof was on the prosecution…and they didn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt she was the killer.  I think the jury, with the information presented to them, made the only choice they could.  Now a person sick and twisted enough to kill her own child in order to live a care free life will walk free, unless she didn’t do it…

Sgt. Hug

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Dictator in Chief

President BO has been sticking his thumb in the eye of Congress with the continued hostilities in Libya, well past the deadline set by the War Powers Act, and Congress has done nothing about it (other than vote against it, yet continue funding).   Now I read in the news that BO and gang are looking into ways they can circumvent Congress, and raise the debt limit on their own, without Congress being involved.

If BO does this, and raises the debt limit with a back channel move, he will officially become the dictator he has wanted all along…and we will be one step closer to losing our republic.  If BO continues these unchecked actions, and he wins a second term, all hope will be lost, and we will all get what we deserve.  Let’s hope the republicans can put up a candidate to unseat BO, the agitator.

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